Monday, June 27, 2005

My beloved nation is collapsing... but it's too small!

History has it that Rome collapsed due to the weight of its empire. It was too big and too corrupt to be controlled through the nearly one thousand years of its supremacy.

My country barely reached the size and maturity of Rome and yet here it is, collapsing under it's own weight. As if it's really that big. Our population is roughly one-eigth the size of the United States and dwarfed even more by the population of China. Why, then, is it falling apart?

My country has the most number of politicians running for office than anywhere else in the world. The fact that they invest millions trying to get into a seven-figure-a-month job is already raising eyebrows. Would you think these people are so stupid to waste their money without expecting it back? In a business perspective, you invest millions in order to get twice that amount. Why then, invest millions running for office? You don't get paid that much! Unless, get the idea. Get real and do the math! All they have are broken promises to justify their positions. If they're not too busy bickering among themselves they're busy bickering about everything else. They are so fond in complaining about what's not being done. What's so funny about this is that what's not being done is what they are paid to do in the first place! Then they turn around and tell you "it's not their job". Please, leave the complaining to the citizens! That's our job and NOT YOURS!

To add up to the above "compliment", there's the media and entertainment industry running for office along with the political jokers. The masses actually think that their beloved actors who have absolutely NO KNOWLEDGE of running a country are better than the morons we already have.

The people of this country haven't heard of the term impeachment until the day the United States made a move to impeach Clinton. Now, almost on all occasions the opposing forces of the presidency just use that infernal term for every other mistake the president makes. What's the matter, guys? You can't handle a woman leading our country instead of your balls? While you're too busy comparing penis sizes she's too busy actually getting some work done. She doesn't have a dick to even bother competing with your little hormonal debacle.

The media and entertainment industry, likewise, aren't helping at all. This country is poor and I am not ashamed to admit it. We all have to start at the bottom. But what's so infuriating is the media depicting poverty as if it's a good thing. We see movies of criminals and informal tennants fighting for their right to be left alone. They claim they are being discriminated. Come on! The only real victims of those movies are the lives that were lost and the owners who spent their life's savings for a land that others occupied for free. Yet these very victims are the bad guys in these movies!

Then there's that overwhelming barrage of romance and Rated-R movies to complement the eventual celebrity gossip shows that follow. Tell me, does love pay the rent? Probably the actors can pay the rent with their good looks but not the rest of us. Encouraging too much fucking doesn't help fix our population problem. To a more mature audience your shows may have a point but what makes you think the people watching your shows are close to that expectation? You are exploiting the ignorance of the poor! Why not give us something more meaningful?! Why not show them what they should be doing instead of showing them what others are doing for them?

Media folks, can't you put something on your programs instead of celebrity gossip? Please stop! It diminishes the brain. The government is refusing to add to the budget on education, you might as well help with that problem on your channels. They feel ignorance is a good way for them to stay in power.

Erap para sa mahirap! (Erap for the poor!) It's no wonder Joseph Estrada won the presidency! By exploiting the need of the poor he was able to win the majority.

Foreigners compliment us for our happy-go-lucky nature. Yes, we are happy-go-lucky! Is that really what we are or are we just so ignorant of the gravity of our situation? Kids playing happily in dirty flood waters may seem fun to a foreigner but hardly a laughing matter when you think about the hundreds of diseases they are drinking. A pregnant mother smiling in front of a camera asking for money while carrying a 14-month old child in her arms along with half a dozen more of her children in the background is not an example of a happy-go-lucky outlook. It is a sign of irresponsibility! The only help she should be asking for is to get free ligation. What can I say? Ignorance is bliss!

There you have it. You patriotics out there can refute this testimony all you want but the truth is in plain view. The only thing worse than lying to everyone else is lying to yourself! Wake up and smell the roses or shall I say "the rot underneath our country"! Are you really reacting because of your pride or on behalf of our country? You were born here but the country itself does not acknowledge your existence. Spare me the hypcrisy! Your pride in our country is overshadowed by your undeniable ideal to find work outside of it. If you are so proud of your country, why not stay here and dismiss all delusions of going to America or whatever country you so selfishly desire. Chances are you won't get into them anyway unless you have half a million pesos to show the travel agency. Instead of trying to justify the opposite of this blog, why not do something to prove your side? If you are so proud of our country, what have you done for it? I know I have...I'm doing it now so all of you can wake up and help flush out the infection eating at our nation. Spare me the media exposure as well. I don't watch local channels. There's nothing good but gossip shows and more romance TV series. ;P Even if I were in it I still wouldn't watch myself because I'd probably end up in the gossip section.

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