Thursday, December 15, 2005

How to be happy

Here's my version:

Happines towards Others.
* Maintain a positive outlook.
* Hang around positive people. Shun negative people. Avoid troublemakers. But always be open to them because you may never know when you might learn something useful from them. Most of the meaningful advice I got were from people who are problematic.
* Don't restrict your friends to an exclusive group of people. Not everything you need will be provided by them.
* Be open-minded. The wise man adapts himself to the world while the foolish man adapts the world to himself.
* Don't save greedily but spend wisely. You'll lose more money keeping your money rather than spending it on the things you want.
* Seize opportunities - they may never come again. But be warned! There's no telling the difference between an opportunity and a temptation.
* Don't harbour hatred & revenge.
* Forgive but don't forget.
* Smile
* Respect their opinion. When you respect others' thoughts they will respect yours.
* Learn to follow your own advice. If you can't follow them then don't give any.

Happines towards Love
* Enjoy being single while you still can are. Don't get desperate or fret for being lonely. You'll miss it someday.
* Find a partner that will help you grow as a person. They either make or break you so make your choice count.
* Stick to the person you want. Only when you find that person will you really be satisfied. Never settle for second best. Only the people who know what they want will be successful later in all aspects in their life.
* Be loyal.
* Wipe all insecurities from your mind. If you don't you'll just be destroying yourself and your relationship.
* When it's time to let go don't brood over it. Move on. There's always something better for you.
* Don't give everything. Leave something for yourself.
* Don't fool around or hurt the ones you love coz everything you do will go back to you.
* Don't tolerate immaturity and foolishness in a relationship. They'll only destroy you and everything else.
* Beauty lies both inside and outside us. Anyone who ever said that true beauty lies on the inside is either half-right or just plainly thinks you're ugly.

Happines towards Yourself
* Cry. You'll live longer.
* Dance
* Sing your heart out even if your voice is terrible.
* Don't over-indluge. Too much is bad for you.
* Invest in improving yourself. If you can't take care of yourself you can't take care of others even if you do neglect yourself for others it will come out wrong.
* Take care of your body as much as you can. We only have one throughout our existence.
* Project confidence. People can easily spot someone with insecurities.
* Love yourself. Coz if you don't, no one else will.

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