Thursday, February 16, 2006

Morons in the chatroom

Geez! Doesn't anyone know how to use the profile view anymore?! Is it me or has the world of mouse-clicking and Windoze shorctus somewhat diminished our capacity to use the obvious?

More than once I had to accomodate or rather shun the typical Indian pervert who is too horny too know the difference between male and female (as if that wasn't their usual thing in some of their darker cultures). They speak English, right? They speak better English than me and yet they cannot tell the difference between my male name and a female's. Hell, the Japanese can tell if I'm a male or not and supposedly they can't even do that from their own language! No, I'm not talking about the racial stereotypes here, folks. I'd have to deal with the pervs of my own kind as well. If that weren't enough, I have to get buzzed by these masturbatory morons in like a dozen times before they can take a hint.

There's another kind of pervert I hate to think about. The silent slut who enjoys all the attention, has her cam visible to all, barely speaks and doesn't reply to private messages. Sorry, bitch, that kinda thing doesn't get me off and, NO, I DON'T LIKE TO WATCH! Jesus Christ, you're just plain sick! Any bitch who enjoys being stalked is just as sick as the stalker! It's just like the sickos in Friendster only it happens in real-time. The bitch only has her finger around her bra strap before a thought pops to my head saying "I'm gonna pay for this, am I?". At which point I close the damn sicko's camera.

Then there's the occasional bullshit viewer who like to see your cam promising they've got one and when you finally decide to do so their cameras suddenly become "broken" or "mommy or my sugar daddy has picked me up to finger me so I have to go."

I make it a point from now on to point my camera towards the wall, the roof or, my personal favorite, my middle finger. And if someone complains that they can't see me I simply reply, "That's not my problem now, is it?"

It's just hopeless folks. I never for once doubt the infinite possibilities of stupidity.

Thank God for people like who give some of these fuckers a reality check! LOL

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sorry Is Nothing

90% of the time you were always sorry for everything although I really didn't care what you did. Remember that night when I told you I had enough you begged for a second chance? I gave you that chance and told you that one day I would regret giving it to you. You didn't understand. You said it wasn't true.

Yet you did give me up one day just because you wouldn't accept my single apology. An apology that you have given me a hundred times. You never gave me that chance. The second chance that I gave you. The regret that I told you would come. To you it was just an expression - a habit. You really didn't care if you were sorry or not.

That last day we met you said you were sorry - again - for everything. After all what you've put me through, this time sorry isn't good enough, my dear. Sorry won't bring me back the time I have WASTED on you. Such was a long time for the both of us. It will not bring me back the happiness and the faith I have lost nor will it mend my broken heart. It just puts all my efforts in vain. Yet you didn't care. You had your revenge. That was what all you ever wanted. To hurt me for something I didn't do.

I realize now that the only regret I have is knowing too much.

It hurts to be right. There are no second chances.

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