Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sorry Is Nothing

90% of the time you were always sorry for everything although I really didn't care what you did. Remember that night when I told you I had enough you begged for a second chance? I gave you that chance and told you that one day I would regret giving it to you. You didn't understand. You said it wasn't true.

Yet you did give me up one day just because you wouldn't accept my single apology. An apology that you have given me a hundred times. You never gave me that chance. The second chance that I gave you. The regret that I told you would come. To you it was just an expression - a habit. You really didn't care if you were sorry or not.

That last day we met you said you were sorry - again - for everything. After all what you've put me through, this time sorry isn't good enough, my dear. Sorry won't bring me back the time I have WASTED on you. Such was a long time for the both of us. It will not bring me back the happiness and the faith I have lost nor will it mend my broken heart. It just puts all my efforts in vain. Yet you didn't care. You had your revenge. That was what all you ever wanted. To hurt me for something I didn't do.

I realize now that the only regret I have is knowing too much.

It hurts to be right. There are no second chances.

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