Monday, March 13, 2006

No more piracy

Before my fellow countrymen can shout "BULLSHIT" to my apparent hypocrisy I would just simply like to say: "COZ I CAN!"

It all started from a simple video game purchase at Data Blitz in Manila. I have been trying for weeks now to find a rally racing game that I cannot seem to find in a nearby warez store and the original one was sold out. It's a sign, I thought. Yes, I admit I buy pirated games. I have whole cabinet full of it. There's really not much to do with them since playing them is as far as I go. I can't play it online coz it's not legit.

When I bought that game I was changed. Like one of those dramatic effects you see on Anime movies where the character gets an epiphany of something. That's what it was like. The box, the case and, oooh, the MANUAL! 50% of the cost of any software belongs to packaging and documentation. I should know, I work for a software/hardware company!

Last month I had the frustration of not getting a game I've waited to be released. I was expecting to get it on the release date but sadly the local retailer did not have. After two weeks of waiting, I gave up and waited to get the "copied" version as it is fondly called here. No luck either. No site on the wester hemisphere would accept my credit card except one. In 4 days the game was here. Probably months earlier that all the bullshit stores I have to put up with here.

I just love the quality of these originals. Yes, it is more expensive. Even in a 3rd world country like mine who would settle for less because they can't afford it I still have to hold my breath when making these purchases. But I have to think of the stuff I have to do when buying copies. I have to crack it. If I have to update it, I have to crack it again. I have no access to online services and I have no tech support. The time and money invested in trying to get these things running probably equals the price of the original.

I now own two original games with a few more coming in in the next few months. I'll be buying original movies and others in the future. The experience and economic security of buying the best will insure my satisfaction for the future and the future of these companies that make them because if you buy pirated make sure you're willing to live with the fact that the stuff you buy may very well be that company's last product because you ran them out of business.

Enough with the MS jokes.

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