Friday, April 14, 2006

Who she is and who I am

Ok. To satisfy the stereotypical impression of what a guy wants let me cut first to what she could possibly look like.

  • She is above average in height. Possibly my height and long-legged perhaps - I'm 5'6".
  • She is tanned or morena. Of course, I may not find that kind of girl. I could go for white girls but nothing turns me on than a girl with brown skin. ;) As for white girls, I'm not exactly sure what kind of white girl I want. If I'm not sure then it means I'm undecided. If I'm undecided it means there is a 99% error margin for choosing someone I might end up extremely dissatisfied.
  • She doesn't have to be very beautiful. Just presentable and pleasingly attractive. Very adorable. The girl that X factor that we can't quite point out.

Hmm... Tall and tanned and young and lovely? The girl from Ipanema could be the death of me. Oh, well, someone once said, "That's that one dame you would love to have kill ya." This is a little too idealistic but then again. It's a dream girl, yes? I can't believe I'd be unlucky enough not to get two out of the three! Shallow as it may seem you haven't read the next part so shut up, stop complaining and read on!

Now the part that separates the women from the girls and the winners from the losers.

  • She is intelligent. She can take on any conversation without finding the issue too sensitive, too boring or too uninteresting. Someone who thinks without boundaries just like me.
  • She is tactful and tactless at the same time. She knows how to talk to people but is agressive enough to know when to put her foot down.
  • She is responsible, hardworking and trustworthy. A relationship is not a one man army now, is it?
  • She is not be afraid to take risks. Of course, if you have to dive into commitment, you wouldn't want to be the only one in there. More than once I have come across women who are sadistically enjoying the fact that we guys do everything while they're just sitting pretty. Remember the intelligence? You're no good to me if you don't have that.
  • She is be adventurous. There's never a dull moment with her.
  • She is be sweet and thoughtful.
  • She is be understanding - a good listener. If she wants me to understand her too. Give and take.
  • She is excruciatingly annoying and talkative it drives me nuts but the minute she's not around I will miss her.
  • She has stable career and is already supporting herself. There's no way I'm raising a family on my own. Everyone has to pull their own weight. Nothing makes a relationship strong than the act of sticking together and helping each other.

If you have to react negatively to these saying I'm shallow or idealistic then I guess you're on the wrong site. Like I said, the list above separates the women from the girls and the winners and the losers. No offense, it may be we have different outlooks and attitudes in a relationship but at least it narrows down what I want. This person may not even exist but I truly believe that if a person is sincere enough then these qualities will exist by themselves.

Turn offs? Sure there are.

  1. Demure women.
  2. Women who spend more time sleeping than anything else. I don't like slackers.
  3. Women who only pretend to be what I want just so they can please me and have me. In reality they are everything they say they are not.
  4. A woman that would ask me to change who I am just so to satisfy what SHE WANTS.
  5. Women who only care about themselves and doesn't care about you.
  6. She has religious inclinations. Well, nothing irritates me more than a religious fanatic.

I could probably write down she's head over heels in love with me but, hey, let's be a LIIIIITTLE realistic. Emotions are beyond my control and it will never be in my control.

It's funny. It feels like I'm having an Ally McBeal moment here. I haven't met her yet but I know her well.

Why am I writing this? Well, as a personal record and most of all to stop my friends from askin me the same thing over and over again. :p


CH4:D said...

Just a clarification for the narrow-minded. This girl is nowhere close to being perfect. This girl is just your normal everyday girl and yet where I come from most of the women I see choose to live below that level! It's sad really.

Anonymous said...

i like the way you write... wanna link? the blog that is hehe

and i like the religious fanatic part heheh

Anonymous said...

i think im ur ideal/perfect girl. but, love can never be forced! all those descriptions, its me! however, i think, u definitely know what you want.but someone out there myt surprise you and you'll fall for her beacuse she'e the exact oppposite. by the way, it's me the one with the "can you love me instead.."

CH4:D said...

sure thing frendz4lyf. :)

To Ms (or Mr?!) Anonymous. I really can't appreciate a person I don't know. Make yourself known next time. :p

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