Saturday, May 20, 2006

Something to bash in HI5?

Well, there's The Atrocities of Friendster and the MySpace Patrol, so why not hi5? The thought was tempting but I'm just not ready for that untold fame such a feat would unravel. So I might as well talk about the fact why I'm NOT doing it.

Being the web programmer and administrator that I am, going and using to hi5 is a violation of my firm beliefs of good programming practice not to mention unethical behavior. Hey, the site is slow! Damn slow! Plain and obviously because it's using the dreaded JAVA technology and it's variant JSP. Let's face it folks. We've all seen it and experienced it. No matter what kind of bullshit Sun Microsystems tries to market this product, it just doesn't work. While their people and their developer community can go hours on end with their dick-waving monologue at me it's a lost cause for them. I haven't yet seen anyone in this area who can justify it's speed over every other existing technologies of its kind. One java developer it's all in the design framework (blah blah blah). Now if sites like Friendster made that mistake, HOW THE FUCK do other sites make that same mistake?! TELL ME! Make the mistake once you're forgiven. Make that same mistake all over the internet it's not your fault anymore. (feel free to hack or send me an angry email)

Sure, hundreds of high-end companies adapted to it. Plainly out of stupidity or incompentence (or both) or maybe they just don't have the balls to stand up to Sun. But basically I just presumed they had no choice. You spend millions and so you paint yourself in a corner. This is one of those "Emperor's New Clothes" things again. "If you don't believe in our technology, you're stupid." All it takes is some kid in the back to shout, "Hey, the developers are idiots!" and all of them end up looking for someone to burn coz the millions they already spent is gone. i.e. No money to burn.

My idiot officemate keeps telling me the hype and praise of using this technology yet he can't even explain why it's fucking slow and why nothing is being done about it. He says it works faster in its native system. I tried that and still didn't show any signs of improvement. When I asked him again he gave me the typical circular explanation. Circular explanation: Meaning he can't explain it, he doesn't know the answer and so he gives me looping answers to hide the fact that his brain is as empty as his idea. (Maybe he's getting ready to be a manager. At least that was what he was rumored to be doing. Hmm...) You can't hide incompetence. TEN FUCKING YEARS in the making and they still can't get it to go any faster? Hell, Hyundai was able to come up with a V6 in less span of time than this! He got the management's approval to with JAVA alright but now his legacy is taking a toll on our projects and we are the ones suffering from it. The usual speed and efficiecy our team was known for is now rocking in the uncertainty of getting anything done at all. Where is he now? He's gone somewhere else leaving our team in chaos with this crap he has dropped in his wake. He gave this idea and he's not even around to see it through. Trust me when I say, "WE'RE IN A MESS!".

So here I am, somewhat robbed of my opportunity to bash other people in the head all because my brain is hard-wired not to follow and endorse something that is beyond my ethical professional logic. ;p

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