Friday, June 02, 2006

Rainwalk II

My last day here in Manila.

Wouldn't you know it. The rain poured down hard outside. I've become quite the Superman among my classmates here ever since I told them I walked the entire length of Makati Avenue every morning.

Last week I was sent here to Manila for training in Java Programming and being conducted by Oracle Philippines. I have to admit, as hectic and stressful Manila is I still have a fond appreciation for the beautiful lights at night, the tall buildings and strong gusts of wind that traverse the compressed spaces between them.

The rain gushed down for a while then slowed down to a shower. As usual, I didn't care getting wet in the rain. After all, last day in Manila and a hot shower at the end of the walk sort of makes the trip worthwhile. Of course, I probably did not give in to the fact that the rain here is probably xx% acidic due to the pollution. I'm also exhibiting my usual skin allergies since I got here.

This is a great place if you don't mind the traffic and the pollution. The places to go are unlimited. You can never go bored here!

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