Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Earth Is Hell... and we're in it!

This is something you might wanna think about, ladies and gentlemen.

All throughout my life I have observed that the guy upstairs would take the good people off this pitiful excuse of a thing we call life.

I have come to the frustrating conclusion that I have no reason to fear hell. The simple reason being that I am already here so I think it is somewhat pointless to start praying to God not to send me here. So whatever religious retard wants to comment about the tortures of hell you can shut your faggot trap because you and I are on the same hell. So if you're concerned about not going to hell how about you start praying for God to get you out of here. I'll bet your prayer time is going to double.

Why have I come up with this "stupid", "moronic", "silly" - and all the other pathetic/pitiful yet motivational terms you religious losers like to call it - conclusion? Well, because all the good people have dropped dead and here I am stuck in this world with the assholes, hormone junkies (men who are so much in denial of their homosexuality), faggots and ugly people. I must've done something wrong in my previous life as I cannot see no apparent reason why I should be stuck here. I think it's mainly because I try so much to be an asshole and am addicted to making others miserable so they can stay in hell forever. Here's another interesting finding, the more obsessed you are with God the more he'll stash you here because he doesn't want an annoying prick kissing His holy ass all the time. Think along the lines of a crazed fan so why don't you get a fucking life, church junkie! The only reason you're in there is because you can't get a normal social life!

It's really simple. If you're good, you're dead. If you're bad, God will condemn you to the eternal pits of hell, which is pretty much similar to what you see outside the window. Now go outside and kill yourself. If you're lucky you might actually succeed.

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