Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Filipino Pride - Imported?

The question would be where is it? Has the pride of my countrymen been misguided? I honestly don't remember the last time I've seen good Filipino talent that I could sincerely say is homegrown.

Except for that Ayala commercial, it's everywhere in the country - especially celebrities and socialites. Either some punk kid - who I'd initially assume is gay - or some decent looking girl who turns out to be a slut from god-knows-where in Europe. What do they have in common? Well, nothing actually aside from the fact that their Nth degree bloodline is Filipino and we, the ignorant lovers of western culture and ethnic perfection love the thought that we have a beautiful genetic product from an evidently overpowered gene. These degenerates from where they come from have decided to flee to a country they barely know "to start a new life" so to speak. After a few tequila shots at the night clubs and a couple more undisclosed acts with the local "talent fags". Bingo! I'm on Pinoy Big Fucker (actually that remark wasn't really fair considering I have never seen this show. Sorry.).

Ladies and gentlemen, in the LIKELY event that you'll get lucky with these bitches & ho's please take extra care by wearing two condoms. It doesn't matter what appendage of your body you'll be using just use condoms to show that YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR SORRY-ASS SELF, pervert!

Unless, you're a Filipina with T&A (tits & ass for you conservative types) and a perverted aura, you really have no chance against these "Filipino imports" who are technically not Filipino - not by a long shot. You think your coming here and learning our language with your accent counts you as Filipinos? Hell no! It's no wonder our own talents have resorted to those degrading sex movies! It's even at the cost of our country's image!

It saddens me that although I initially thought that Filipinos were blind to race and culture is actually a racist just like everyone else in the world and the victims are it's own. The irony! :(

Even in the newspaper it sickens me. The column would introduce a Ms.-I-Don't-Give-A-Shit who took up this what-the-hell-is-that course in some "prestigious" university with mommy and daddy's help because an undeground syndicate has formed a plot against their baby. Now G.I. Joe and Barbie wants to set up shop here in our country and plans to apply what they learned with their MBA (MASTER BULLSHITTER AWARD). After one year of their so-called business they decided to close shop because the area was not "feasible". Duh! You should have figured that out before you started, master bullshitter! Where's the media then? Forgotten and as obsolete as the Macarena. Why not introduce rags to riches stories of true blue Filipinos who made it big, guys? A good article would be a story about someone who didn't have what these unbearable spoiled hobgoblins have when they were kids yet managed to humble them in every possible way. That way we'd all be inspired by them instead of feeling so miserable and insignificant with your columns. What's the matter? They don't pay you enough to catch your attention? Perhaps if they screwed some councilor it would be more intesting, ey?

Even this simple little thing: I once had a girlfriend whose father was Spanish-American. Suffice it to say she definitely looked like a typical white girl. Hell, I shit you not when she made friends over at this out of town barrio, everyone wants her to be the godmother of this wedding and that baptism. Blah blah blah... No big deal, ey? Except I know for a fact that this continuous streak of invitations could only mean they want some white girl to show off to the rest of the town. It's pathetic really. I felt sorry for her.

One last thing, don't give me that "It's still Filipino pride because they are one of us" shit coz you can flip the world over a dozen times and it still doesn't change the fact that we, as a country, have no pride at all in our own kind. Before you reason out like the pitiful shallow 3rd world country that we are, think long and hard about what you're really proud of because I know it isn't ours. Are you proud that they are Filipinos, which they are evidently not, or are you proud that they are Filipinos mixed with genes from races that you consider greater than our own?

For the record, Filipinos have more mixed blood than these two-bit freaks from outer space.

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