Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Reality Sucks

I live in a dream. Such is the fate of someone whose attention span is shorter than that of a cicada on steroids.

Up until seven years ago I have been reminded again and again of the harsh realities of, well, REALITY.

Reality struck me one afternoon when a friend of mine lent me a video of the well sought after "USC Scandal". In my childish mind, watching porn would mean seeing someone like Jenna Jameson do two or three guys, probably with massive tools, at once. Reality is watching two of my highschool hearthrob classmates do an anonymous campus slut with their less than satisfactory weiners - much to the dismay of the female populace on campus. "Welcome to the real world" was what I told myself after watching that video.

I admit that I practically spent a small fraction of my life in the real world. Delusion would eventually mark me as an outcast for the rest of my academic years. I would mostly spend hours in the classroom just looking out the window daydreaming of a perfect world. I would sometimes imagine myself having the perfect job and being able to do it in a breezy way. Reality is a Fortune 500 corporation outsourcing employment to my country. Instead of hiring on of their kind they hire like a dozen people here equivalent to the salary for one theirs. If I didn't know any better I want to be paid the same rate. I don't care if I suck at my job, they don't care about me anyway. If ever I'd spend the rest of my life being a rat just like everyone else then I'd also make it so these companies who hire me end up in a stalemate. Reality is a 2 year contract that says you you can't sue the company but the company can sue you.

Women are also a part of my delusional fantasies about love. I often dreamed of finding my ideal mate one day. There I should be with my arms around her and her lips on my cheek. A consolation would be that at least I'd get lucky at least once a week. Reality is a sexually transmitted disease should you plan to indulge in deviant sexual acts. Proctor and Gamble would be so proud of me. If you plan to ideally commit to women these days? Reality is a heartless bitch who is just along for the ride.

Lastly is my dream of a beautiful city that I like to live in. A city with wide streets, wide sidewalks and responsible people. Reality is road poorly builty because government officials stole half of the expenses and said it's all there. Reality is the citizens crossing the roads as if there aren't any vehicles that's going to run them down in to oblivion. Reality, however, is the car cannot stop on time and velocity is the bigger reality than flesh and bones.

Reality is the government employee doing nothing behind the desk being paid a hefty sum by yours truly.
Reality is the small salary your receive because some asshole across the globe can't afford to hire someone just like him.
Reality is the IQ of your officemate goes lower as their position goes higher.
Reality is your butt ugly girlfriend when in your mind you're screwing Eva Mendes.
Reality is you can't afford a good girlfriend.
Reality is NO ONE is created equal.
Reality is you'll spend the rest of your life working for someone else.
Reality is loyalty goes to the highest bidder.
Reality is nobody's perfect.
Reality is you can't accept nobody's perfect.
Reality is there is no God.
Reality is money makes reality. Did I mention somewhere along the lines of "it can buy happines"?
Reality is death.

This is reality. Welcome to the real world, asshole.

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