Friday, August 18, 2006

Waiting for the next one.

Ok. More advice for the broken-hearted. I swear, if I make 50 more pages of this kind of thing, I could write a book and make a killing! Hell, it will probably save around $1,000 to pay the shrink, which is probably too much to pay someone to teach you something that can easily be addressed by common sense. Duh!

Ok so here it goes. Some people find someone new with a flick of a finger or maybe the very next day. I've tried getting a rebound and also tried being the rebound.

One thing I did notice are the gaps in between. Someone once said that nothing can be useful - like the space between the four walls make up a house. I had no idea it would also be applicable in breakups. I realized now that the breathing space you take between relationships is actually a better headroom to grow. I did learn a lot while being single than being in a relationship.

Here's another interesting thing: The longer the gap between relationships the better condition you'll be in once the next one comes along. I'm not exactly sure, but I think it has to do with getting over. I've had a girlfriend in just a month after the previous one. I've also had a girlfriend one year after the previous. Believe me, the effects of both are different even if their places were exchanged. One girl has to catch the shit coming from the last one and the other one has to deal with nothing at all. I regret the former relationship but as I look back at it now, it was worth the price although the price I paid was the expense of someone else's broken heart.

Here's what I understood: The longer the space you put between partners, the more recuperating time you get. I believe that the more time you spend alone after a break-up purges the pain, the memories and most ESPECIALLY the bitterness.

Honestly, do you want your new found love to be the catcher of all your relationshp woes? The dilemmas and the such? Nobody deserves that kind of experience! If you want them to be happy, you YOURSELF must be happy with yourself. Always be ready for the next one by clearing out your head. Trust me, the enthusiasm you have with a new relationship is directly proportional to the waiting time you had them. A few weeks and a year makes a lot of difference! ;)

As for me, a year really did me wonders. ;) In fact, I found my favorite relationship after a 1year waiting period. Up to this day our relationship was still memorable.

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