Saturday, September 09, 2006

The moronic idea of going abroad

It's all over the place. Everyone want to take up some "in demand" job because "Uncle Sam wants YOU to be his BITCH!" (and that's reading between the lines). What's really shocking is that, we Filipinos, a proud race, who won't even lift a finger to fix our own damn country, who wouldn't let our own kind stare us down, actually succumb to this type of economic SLAVERY. You think running away and kissing some foreign ass is going to change the inconsiderate, irresponsible and immature nature of your past? You think the idiotic excuse that this country has no hope is reason enough for you to leave? What have you done for it then if you think it's so terrible? Grow up!

Oh, you think taking up nursing or some other course that EVERYONE else is taking is going to increase your chance of earning in dollars? God, how naive are you? The local universities and other educational centers have increased the passing percentage of in-demand jobs abroad. Now unless you are exceptionally good, which I believe only a fraction of you are, there's NO CHANCE in hell you're getting out of this country alive. It's part of the egotistical motives of the academe to make the rest of us feel like retards. By the way, need we remind them that is OUR sorry asses that pay for THEIR SALARIES?

You study to get out of your province so you can be placed in another one in some distant hospital or furniture store miles away from civilization. You're no better off than where you are now! You think that they would place you in some large city like New York or Los Angeles? No! They're not putting you there - EVER. Why? They are not in demand there! The harsh truth is their remote areas are in demand. So you can kiss your anticipated party life good bye. Here's another reality check, they love their own more than you hate your country. So before they hire you, they hire one of their FIRST before you. You are not important and you are not the priority. Unemployment, especially in the States, is high so don't think for one second they'll consider you before their citizens.

Your family is here, your heart is here and your LIFE is here. It is the inescapable fact of your being. Just because another nation starts bitching doesn't mean you have to go to great lengths to chase after someone else's whining demands, which is akin to a man waving a piece of meat to a hungry dog. Are you a dog? Uncle Sam's bitch?

Most of all, the idea of going abroad is a sign of your inability to survive and consequently your apparent inability to be economically resourceful in this country. If you can't make it here you won't make it anywhere else. You have to think that a good number of people here managed to do quite above the average level. There's no excuse for you not be the successful with a little - a LOT of - hard work. I know why you want to leave. You think it's the "easy" way - again another Filipino mentality that spawns misguidance and ignorance. There is no success in buying lotto tickets or stripping clothes for everyone's perverse consumption but soulessness. Success is made through seizing the moment of need not packing up and leaving. There is wealth here, I assure you. You just have to know where to find it.

You think migration is easy? Hmm... Let's think about this: 4 years to finish a course. Probably more years trying to save the money to leave - traveling costs money, duh! And IF you want to move a little faster a good sum of that money will be BRIBING again your own fellow man to get things moving. IF and ONLY IF you're lucky to find someone to lend you money to leave, how are you going to pay up if in the LIKELY event you don't make it? When and IF you get there, 1st world countries are competitive, can you survive the pressure being raised in a country that is waaaaaaay laid back, you big, fat, lazy prick? If it is in demand NOW then you should be going there NOW not spending YEARS prepping to go there. What's your assurance your services are still needed?

I became a programmer because it was one of my childhood careers. I assure you it was not intentional that in the late 90s they became in demand. I'm glad I didn't push myself abroad because today, thousands of my kind lose their jobs every month. This is a fact of life - no exceptions. It doesn't matter if you're a doctor, engineer, architect, social worker and ESPECIALLY a nurse. Remember, if there's too many of you or they can't afford you, it's time to drop the weights.

Think about it. Run all you can but you're killing the rest of us. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?


Anonymous said...

saw your post and I have to adamantly disagree. why? for 2 reasons: first, the Philippines can't train me to be what I want, and B) the Philippines does not have the resources to train me to attain my goals. In this age, there are only 2 places in the world where I can sufficiently train to perfrom at my best on the forefront of science and medicine and those places are either Europe or the United States. It just so happens that I had to move anyway, and my a stroke of luck, the US happens to be a gathering place of scientists and doctors from all over the world. Of course, they gather in Europe too but my case is purely logistical, and it happens to work out well.

CH4:D said...

Hmm... A meaningful comment. Good point. Hope you come back to pass on that skill here.

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