Saturday, September 30, 2006

The worthless gray area

My father, a lawyer of 40 years, once told me it took a million laws to reinforce the ten commandments. In spite of all those laws, someone still manages to slip through. That's how uncertain our Constitution is - no nation, culture or religion is an exception.

If there ever was a right and wrong then we wouldn't need lawyers to justify our crimes. We wouldn't have to reason out our guilt and find excuses in the midst of overwhelming facts.

As I kept hearing everyday is that the world is not black and white and that most people lived in a gray area. I somewhat likened this gray area to the word "MAYBE". Yes, maybe it's right and maybe it's wrong. Maybe I should do this or maybe I should do that.

If laws of man were made to decide the guilty and the innocent then a lawyer would not have to answer me with "it depends" (aka "maybe") when I present him with a certain scenario. Yet here we are everyday, fully booked for the next decade of cases in every courtroom around the world.

Bottom line is that the world is full of people undecided and uncertain of what they want in life and that's why everyone is in this shithole they call life.

I am a person who does not and will never consider the gray area as part of my life. For me, it's either black or white, yes or no. And while I have heard of the saying about the people living in the gray area this is definitely the group I don't want to tolerate. For some reason, I consider the" gray area" or "maybe" as some sort of display of uncertainty. It's someone who can't make up their damn mind and that's how I see this gray area. It could also mean that these people don't take sides, which I believe is bullshit. I don't need people like that in my life or anyone's life for that matter. For me, these are people who believe in nothing and just around savoring the fruits of what the rest of the blacks and whites dish out.

Why do I cringe at this very paradigm of the gray area? Because it gets us nowhere. Imagine where successful people would be today if they dealt with "maybes" and "it depends". They make up their minds by asking "what ifs" and come up with a "yes" or "no".

If I find myself myself undecided I make up my mind and find a way to make a sensible decision. If I make mistakes along the way that can easily be corrected by making more decisions along the way. Either way, I have to take a side and not in between.

There is a reason for duality, a side to every story.... The reason why the gray area exists is because everyone never tells the truth.

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