Friday, October 27, 2006

Corporate slave of the rat race

They say pride is a sin. At least in the eyes of the God-makers. I have long had this terrifying impulse to keep my pride so high that everyone literally falls by the sides. Not that it's a bad thing for me but it appears to have brought me so far than the pitiful career moves I have made in the past. Now another corporation seeks to test my patience and they have succeeded well into wearing it thin.

I am a psychological threat to any company I come into contact with for the simple reason of my pride. While my fellow colleagues believe that it is me working for the company I see things in a differently - a way their delusionally ethical professional minds cannot fathom. The company REQUIRES MY services. They have NOTHING to offer me except an idea to work on, which is probably the reason they need me, and MAYBE a sarcastically generous monetary incentive.

I find it really sad how they frantically scurry about trying to please our employer. I probably cannot fathom such pitiful acts of "ass-kissing". Perhaps this is the reason why I move up in the ranks at a snail's pace or not at all. I really don't mind as long as I get to keep my humanity. Ah, but humanity, such is a thing that corporations don't have. Mindless, heartless and manipulative akin to a woman's nature. Figures. Virtually everything in this world is relative to a woman's temperament, which is probably no wonder my colleagues desperately try to please them with hypocritical intentions akin to a teenage boy lured by a cheerleader with the promise of sex. Fortunately for me, I have learned to speak their language for as long as I am in their turf I am just as mindless and heartless as they are. This means that I could give a rat's ass if the company is losing their precious income. If the company is healthy or if it is in dire straits, I really don't care. Why should I? You think they'd really care if I get downsized? You think they'd care if you miss your children's dance recital because of some fuckwad in the office who can't manage his time is requesting for an overtime till God-knows-what-time? You think you're really on vacation? Why would they want you to be in touch? You think they'd really care if you have personal problems that affects your work? You do your job, PERIOD. That's reality! So don't bleed your heart to their company woes nor feel sorry for your boss. As long as you're at the office you're not supposed to have a heart. Simple as that.

Why am I not like them? Why do I not bend over and take it in the ass like they do? The answer I something I have related even during my college days. Why tremble and shudder before my teacher when I am their employer? Without me they don't have a job. I pay their salary and that's a fact!

How does that apply to my career? Corporations are being run and kept alive by employees and not by the employers. They definitely cannot run the company themselves. Without us they are nothing. This is their psychological edge that I have learned to turn against them. Unfortunately, almost all of use cannot or refuse to realize this fact of life: That we are all part of a race - the infamous rat race that we have blindly followed to no end.

I am, for some reason, not financially motivated. I cannot be bought by monetary means alone. No, I am not the son of a rich tycoon nor an heir to a thriving business empire as I have stated a long time ago and I want to make that clear since most of the people I know are fond of making that assumption. They think so because only a person with that caliber can manage to ditch his job with nothing to lose. It's just that I have gone beyond what common culture have been accustomed to. I am an anomaly. I'm like one of those people who have awoken from The Matrix. I am no longer part of the system. What I found so surprising is that it really doesn't take a sacrifices. It's just putting your mind in perspective and getting a new professional paradigm. If indeed we are the ones who work for our companies why were they the ones who picked out from the dozens of losers (or winnners) out there? You were the one who applied for the job you said? I believe you submitted your resume to a dozen companies as well. So it's basically an ad campaign on your part that your services are for sale. You didn't just hand pick one company that REQUIRES YOUR SERVICES. No one with your skill is that naive and stupid. So you're putting yourself up for grabs with other companies that would probably kill to have someone like you on board. They can never say you're expendable or that you're expected to do their bidding with the threat of unemployment. If they didn't want you around they'd have done it already. They don't just go around talking about it. Your absence will put their company to a screeching halt. So if there's anyone who makes the rules it should be you!

My advice to the working class is simple. NEVER KNEEL TO YOUR COMPANY because you are the one that runs their business, not them! If they feel you should be held down by house rules then maybe they should start running their business singlehandedly. If they think you're expendable, we'll see. Remember, there are still good companies out there so if you think about it, THEY are expendable. Your services are for sale and you have advertised it. People eventually wake up and when they do, companies get slapped with a reality check. So don't lose hope. We are what makes the world move!

Corporations are unstable. The only thing more unstable than the people running them is their collective existence. After all, a group of imperfect humans can NEVER make a perfect world.

We are not slaves! We are not rats! We are free!

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