Saturday, October 21, 2006

Marriage? Fools rush in - always!

My father consistently reminds me that having a grand wedding like they do in the local Chinese communities or in the celebrity marriages that gains nationwide coverage is pointless. You spend a large sum of your hard-earned money for the in-laws' families and you invite even more freeloaders who will not give a flying fuck what happens to the both of you after that day.

To put it simply, here's a favorite line I saw in a movie where this old guy says: "Marriage is an expensive celebration. You spend a million bucks for that day and you spend the rest of your life paying for it."

This consistent annoyance in relation to my age is taking it's toll on my patience. For the Nth time I'm asked that dreaded question that most my age would probably cringe at the thought. Marriage. People ask my age and I'm immediately slapped with the question of why I still have not tied the knot. What the hell... Was there a rule, written or unwritten, that I have to frantically get married at my age? Like this was part of the already needless rat race I'm already participating. (The worst part though is that I am totally aware of this but still continue to tread on.) Supposing history and law did exist for a long time, why didn't they bug Jesus when he wasn't married at 32? I was told there was some sacred law for this. Maybe if they crucified him for that same reason I would be as frantic today as a lemming on steroids.

Somehow this question brings me back to a time in my life related to that nosy question teenagers ask why you don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend. With that thought in mind I can simply just rant out that this is my life and I decide when and where I do things in my own time. I know that it is probably pointless to snap back because all I will ever get is a rhetoric stare implicating doubt on my sexuality. Let it be.

I enjoy my freedom. For every man out there who hasn't been there and done it, we do know the joys of this life. Why be in a rush? Good things come to those who wait. I have not reached that part of my life where I have grown up in this chapter. Perhaps I am not ready for it because I do not see the need for it.

So for everyone who has doubts or questions as to my bachelorhood, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! If it bothers you so much then YOU GET MARRIED. LOL.

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