Thursday, December 21, 2006

Expensive Buko Shake Ever!

Tonight I just drank the most senselessly expensive Brutus Buko Shake in my entire life.

I left work early just so I can show up at a friend's party early. I arrived only to find out that my phone calls were rejected and here I was stuck in the middle of god-knows-where with people giving me that I'm-a-foreigner look. I was here alone out in the open with practically no idea what to do.

She was busy as she said but how can rejected calls be a sign of busyness?

I couldn't go home now since I hadn't eaten and I couldn't just say that I'm early coz the host screwed me at her invitation. I ended up buying a drink at Brutus.

PhP80 for the fare to my bullshit destination
PhP34 for the Buko Shake
PhP105 for the return fare home
PhP90 for the one hour I wasn't working coz I left early

It felt like I just went there to buy Buko Shake! After finishing 3/4 of the shake I went home and even had a hard time getting a ride. I was so frustrated I lost my appetite.

Man, she is soooooo history!

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