Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Morena - a tribute

Researchers found out that humans respond to a lot of factors in the environment. Our stimuli respond to even the most minute traces in the environment. These subtle presence in the world around us actually affect how we feel, the way we think, and even the way we look and how we look at others. The existence of a certain odorless scent (i.e. pheromones) influences our attraction and sex drive towards the opposite sex. Changes in temperature affect our temperament. The quality of air affects our cells that it is the deciding factor if we have great skin, stronger bones, efficient mental skills, our ability to regenerate and most notably our ability to live longer.

The particular sense and the particular stimulus I am going to take pleasure - and I do mean it in every sense of the word - is the eye's response to color. Yep, our body reacts to the colors we see as well. Believe it or not, some medical practitioners have even ventured into this thing called "Color Therapy".

In my case, for some reason, I find myself attracted to darker and tan-skinned women. While many other men might feel the same way I merely would like to blog this down on why I feel like this. This is my tribute to the real "golden girls" of the world.

Basically, they just drive me crazy. As my eyes gaze upon the dark-skinned woman my heart just races. It's even no wonder I can spot them a hundred meters away. This constant state of excitement really proves how the human senses can be manipulated to react to certain stimulus. It is such an interesting and euphoric sensation indeed.

Sure, to some, dark skin may be a disgusting thing - the paradigm of the Aryan culture. But I just can't explain it. In a way dark skin may be unpleasant but I think about the way the light kisses her skin and she turns golden brown; how she can be exposed in the sun with the rays giving only minimal harm to her; the way her skin only requires moderate care. I can never go wrong with her beauty. So sensual, exotic and erotic all at once. Most of all, they don't even have to be exceptionally beautiful to BE beautiful. They are just...them.

They call it color therapy. My eyes are very reactive at the sight of brown skin. I don't know if this is a twisted fetish of some sort but I'm taking it.

To all you you dark and tanned women out there. This one's for you! MWAH!


Anonymous said...

love dishwan!

Anonymous said...

yey! morena ko! hehe :D

mwah back,

Anonymous said...

Woohooo! Morena sd ko. I feel so flattered. :D

Anonymous said...

COol. Makes me feel proud to be a morena ;)

CH4:D said...

Of course! Be proud of your skin, ladies! You were put there for a reason. Don't be insecure with white girls.

You're safer and potentially healthier than they could be.

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