Sunday, May 13, 2007

Overwhelming Friends

There are just some people who just can't seem to get enough of the attention. The attention hogs I call them.

Kinda reminds me of those "collectors" on Friendster who merely just add and add without even realizing or noticing what the hell they are doing. Every once so often I get invitations from unknown individuals that I have never met. Of course, I added a part in my profile where it says "if you want to be added, introduce yourself". It doesn’t surprise me that few people notice and I get invitations from brain-dead members who can't read one line of my profile - never mind the fact that their appearance leaves a lot to be desired. It's pretty obvious that these hideous beings are suffering in their social lives and have recently just discovered computers and the Internet.

Discrimination aside, in the real world, having so many friends is both a good and a bad thing. Why? Well, aside from the fact that you can't keep track, typical bonds with other human beings require a certain unspoken commitment towards them. Of course, let’s not forget good old-fashioned hypocrisy brewing in our midst and women are the most common victims of this, let’s just say, obsession.

The latter issue being the most common, we all succumb from the bad seed of friendship. It never fails to happen that some duplicitous S.O.B. comes our way and really makes a mess of things. Scary as it may sound, the more friends you have, the more likely you’ll have them in your “collection”.

While it may sound very resourceful of you to have the right connections, if you really put friends in their useful place it comes to a point when you start asking yourself, “who’s using who?” Oh, well, for me it's a good thing because in the end, we all help each other.

Eventually, I would hear that whining that is all too familiar to me with my sociable acquaintances. “I don’t know who my real friends are anymore,” they would tell me. Whose fault is that then? You definitely don’t make friends by assignment and you definitely don’t have friends other than by choice! If you don't know who your real friends are then you need to re-assess your social habits. Having one friend is pathetic but having dozens is toxic, like maybe you need to resist the impulse to lay claim of friendship with just anyone you meet on the street. There's no harm in being friendly but there is harm in being trusting. You know, fool me once... that kind of thing.

To quote a long forgotten article from one of those glamour magazines: “Keep a small circle of close friends. Having too many means obligations colliding and it’s never a pleasant dilemma."

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i definitely agree! sakto! amen!

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