Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Psychoanalyst Syndrome

There's one born every minute! It's some whimsical retard always yapping uncontrollably about what you didn't or did do as a result of your naiveté or spontaneous result thereof.

To put it in a "Websterian" context (dictionary for you retards) I would describe the Psychoanalyst Syndrome as:

"noun. A person with an inexplicable impulse to analyze someone else's behavior, actions, outcome of these actions or manner of thinking (more on the negative side) with the sole intention of gratifying himself/herself with the thought that he/she has degraded or belittled the person by means of judging them through their actions."

They also have the sense of satisfaction that they "think" they know you because they just figured you out. That being said we sometimes (ironically) encounter such people in the most dreary moments in our pitiful lives. While their intentions are PROBABLY noble, their agenda is somewhat twisted. These people apparently relish the thought that you actually feel more miserable than you already are. One word out of your dilemma and they immediately and nonsensically start this chatterbox impulse to rant endlessly about it like that overbearing mother you WISH you never had. When they're done with you you'll be in worse shape than you were before - feeling so miserable and even to the point of being regretful of the things you never even bothered to care about. You probably shouldn't even care in the first place!

Okay, so maybe they aren't inexplicable considering I have just explained their chain of thought. How about despicable? LOL. The Psychoanalyst has just been psychoanalyzed!

I once came across such a pitiful soul a few months back. They called her "ate" (big sister) because of her ability to give "sensible" advice. I read through her advice in the forum and all I ever see are just lines and lines of nags while outwardly scolding the problematic person. I briefly became her acquaintance for a time. She was intelligent to talk to. (at least by my standards) However, it usually comes to a point where we argue a lot and frequently asks me if I'm pissed off. Considering I was already in a state of passivity I really didn't give a rat's ass to what she thought. Nonetheless, she still kept asking me if I was angry as if she was discretely MAKING SURE I was pissed off. No dice, babe. She was far too much of a pathetic, bitter soul to put me down.

She eventually read through my entire blog site and became perplexed at how my actual nature contradicts my literature. How can I be two personalities at the same time? I simply replied: "So it's to make sure people like YOU don't figure me out." The psychoanalyst has fallen! Her prejudices and pretenses came crumbling down like a house of cards. For someone who is used to an outcast and being shunned ("misunderstood" according to her) she ended up deleting me from her buddy list and her Friendster. Touché! This is for all your victims!

I admit that I am an occasionally bitter guy but I somewhat find an amusing comfort in the thought that there are those that are already beyond the borderline of being bitter to being plain pathetic.

True friends do not speak to you this way. They make you feel better, NOT make you feel more miserable. So it's about time you start realizing who your friends are.

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