Monday, December 11, 2006

Still growing up

It has struck me again. A very familiar thing on my mind such as that of a child growing up. A few months ago I have blogged the joys of my new career. It's not that I am dissatisfied with my job. Every career has its perks and frustrations. The real issue here is that it has lost its magic.

While there's probably nothing wrong with it or it's just me but like anything I chase after in my life becomes meaningless once I have it. It's probably that egotistical manly hormone that's talking right now but it is still worth a listen. Logically speaking, I know it's just me growing up. When the things you do become old it's an obvious sign that your mind is still growing up. As a child we often find ourselves getting bored with our toys, wanting more and more complicated and complex things.

A few months to a few years ago all I could think of was find a place where I could dedicate all my time and energy for the ultimate goal of a company. As I am nearing the 29th year of my existence on this planet I look back at all of it and I ask myself, "Why bother?" Along with this thought I also look back on a few of my recent entries and it does appear to be very inclined to the anti-employment attitude.

While to my colleagues I may now seem like dead weight to them I see this as a good thing. Because unlike them I have moved up a notch in this sense of realization. My goal is no longer to find some place to work and be a corporate bitch while kissing the CEO's ass but to find a way for people to do the same for me. Business is my next step. I'm moving out of the rat race and I want to find a good way to do that. No compensation, retirement pay, or any bonus pay can sway me to change my mind. After all, the catch for such "charges" is to continue being a rat. I'm no rat. I'm a sniveling weasel that will tear down the paradigm that I once cherished.

How could I have been so naive? Ah, the price of growing up!

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