Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Ironies of My Life

Every so often Mr. Murphy likes to pay me a visit.
1.) When I buy something new especially when it's expensive there's a 90% chance something's wrong with the item and sometimes I have to return it several times before I get a good and working product. It doesn't matter what brand it is. Quality does not exist once it's in my hands. The stakes raise to 99% when the item's price tag increases as well.
2.) I always wind up with a bad employer - no matter how prestegious they may be (hey, corporations are not made up of one entity!). I think it's a family karma of some sort because my grandfather was a shrewd businessman who likes to exploit people with small wages and low taxes. Here I am today paying for that goddamn balance of nature!
3.) I do all the hard work and someone else gets rewarded. I get blamed for everything else that goes wrong.
4.) The elevator always stops one floor before my destination.
5.) The public transportation makes more stops when I'm in a hurry.
6.) The one thing I want to take with me is the one thing I leave behind on the way out.


ka3nabonita said...

sa i2 bldg. ka ga work noh?

CH4:D said...

No. I don't even know what or where I2 bldg is.

But I just wonder what makes you say that. :-/

ka3nabonita said...

I2 bldg at I.T park..never mind..

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