Thursday, May 24, 2007

Liberated Hypocrisy

Cebu, Manila, Dumaguete or wherever the place may be. People say that Filipinos have changed and adopted the "western" culture and that our lives have changed. This is hardly the truth, of course. More like, "emulated" the western culture because there is NOTHING in the western culture we have adopted, as far as I can see.

Sure you go to stores, factories and even restos and you see different themes that adopt an "American" quality of service. Tell me, when was the last time you demanded for a refund and ACTUALLY got it without a fight? You can't even do that in a Starbucks here! In fact, when was the last time you bought condoms where the cashier didn't look at you in a malicious manner? I mean c'mon, where are we trying to fool - OR IMPRESS?

Let's face it, when people say that the city is where the LIBERATED people are, it's a half-truth (or was it a half-lie?). Umm... sort of... kinda... whatever!

On weekends I go to bars and clubs and I see the "homies" listening to "gangsta" music pretending to be like the Crips or the Bloods like it's so cool to be all ghetto. I have to wonder... I don't recall anyone in my country who's proud to dress up in rags like the ones from MY ghetto like it was some trendy fashion statement. How 'bout showin' some love for the real ghetto boyz, kiddies? Man, I'll bet they'd faint at the sight of a gun let alone a knife.

Oh, let's not forgot the "vitamins for the eyes" - the babes. You see them walking all over the place in hang-out places wearing those skimpy microminis and shorts that are already at parallel with the sweet spot or beyond. Liberated? So they say! You walk around dressing for sex you're bound to get lucky, right? WRONG! Guys, these women have a disposition that would put Mother Theresa to shame. It's all for show, folks! Forget those "how to get laid" books because these women would faint at the sight of a phallus. "Tuga-tuga" is the term we most often label these socialites who like to invite more than what they can handle. They dress like sex, they look like sex and try to pass off as some independent lady but when the opportunity arises you'd be sending half of them home packing. It's no wonder rape cases are abundant. They should have ruled out all of these since the wardrobe alone said "YES".

LIBERATED is such a misconceived word, don't you think? It's synonymous to "can have sex with anyone". But in a country like this where supposedly Catholic "values" are being imposed, the people just borderline from watching, living AND ENCOURAGING scandalous movies about infidelity and keeping watch over one's own life and make sure it doesn't happen to them. If you encourage it, what do you care if it happens to you? And THEN you turn around and cry immorality to the people who shaped the way you live.

With our definition in mind, you can't be liberated and conservative at the same time. It just doesn't work! That's like saying you can't serve both God and money. This is where the hypocrisy begins.

Why pretend to be something you have learned to enjoy being while deep down inside your guilt of violating your so-called rooted values overwhelms you? Make up your mind!

Stop calling someone else a POSER and look in the mirror!

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