Thursday, June 14, 2007

Guiltful Miracles

Miracles. The final cry of the hopeless and the desperate. A gift from the heavens by the faithful?

I have thought about this free blessing from a higher being and it really goes to show how selfish and self-centered humans really are. This "miracle" that we so crave for is not guilt-free as I used to think. If it's not guilt-free then it's not free. There is a price.

You can look up miracle in the dictionary and it is what it is - extraordinary. So extraordinary that only a few people in the world will ever have it. And so I write about miracles to change one's attitude towards it.

How many of you got cured of some unknown disease or passed that life-changing exam or received huge lumps of cash from some unknown donor? Oh, yes, you probably took it slow or lived on the fast lane after that. You probably had that high-paying job or bought all the things you wanted.

But have you thought about the billions of people who weren't as lucky as you? The thousands who died from your same disease? The hundreds who haven't passed that same exam as you and who probably studied as hard as you? How about the people starving and going broke?

It's always a simple balance or rather imbalance of nature that one must suffer for another to be happy.

So before you feel good about yourself, you selfish prick, think about the rest of the people who didn't get their miracle. That somewhere someone out there has suffered because of you. It's a humbling thought for all of you selfish self-centered faithfuls out there.

Their faith is not strong? So were you until you were desperate enough to PRAY for your miracle. So what's the difference?

Spare me the liturgical lectures from whatever belief you came from.

As for me, I will turn down any miracle the higher beings hand to me. It has a price and it will not cost me a dime but it will cost someone else his dime.

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