Wednesday, July 25, 2007


God, my idol is so damn fucking good! I cannot even begin to comprehend with my slowly degrading mental health half of the content he puts in there. But much of the stuff has me envious to a murderous degree of how smooth to the mouth it is to read his literary work much like a blowjob he willingly offers to all his esteemed fans.

However, as much as I'd like to tell myself over and over again that what he's saying is right while masturbating in my bed, I try to fight off the feeling that all his yammerings of self-pity are much similar to my job. Like the presence of my pedophile American bosses in my company, they're all for show. They're only there to make me and everyone else think that broke multinational corporations run by Americans actually have money to burn. I'm talking about the latter, by the way. Mike's self-proclaimed financial inadequacy is pretty much established.

It wouldn't surprise me that, after reading this entry, my employers will form a plot against my life and I will share the same fate as my friend who wound up dead in some seedy motel. I'd probably be begging them to take my life as they repeatedly sodomize me for the simple reason of the existence of this blog. Nevermind the fact that they steal thousands of pesos for everything I want to purchase for our office.

I also discovered yet another exceptional man by my own heart. His new book really shares my view of religion in all forms. Religion is the source of misunderstanding. I always said if you want peace, get rid of religion in all forms. I mean, why follow some deluded product of human ignorance when we all know we've outgrown past that time in our existence? It's sick how we think that one religion think that public displays of wild sex is considered sacrilegious while on another thinks your dick and women don't go hand in hand. Sick, isn't it? The only thing I find sickening is the fact that we continue to tolerate such ignorance even to this day.


Mikey said...

If you consider me an idol, you better rethink your life dude. Like now.

CH4:D said...

Crap! I'm such a loser, man! What else is there to think about?

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