Thursday, September 13, 2007

What the fuck?! I'm old!

I used to stand in a group of people and nobody would suspect that I'm a person close to reaching his thirties. Nobody sold me liquor or allowed me into bars due to my youthful appearance. While other people in my situation would consider it a good thing I considered it a burden. The real fact here is that, with my appearance in mind, nobody would take me seriously. In this day and age [or probably any day and age for that matter] nobody takes someone seriously who is under 20. Unless, of course, if I were a 16-year old gang member.

For the past few weeks I have been staring at myself in the mirror and toying with my new Samsung SGH-U700. I cannot help but notice the significant change in my appearance. The skin on my face and eyes no longer possessing its luster. This progressively put me in a state of more frustration. As much as I'd like to wish for myself the appearance of someone my age, the rate at which my appearance has degraded is way too significant. Today is yet another stern reminder of the consequence of my persistence.

I dreamt the other day that worms were trying to get under my skin. Dream dictionaries translate this as someone trying to take advantage of my good nature. I never noticed how much that made sense until today.

I again want to remind myself not to sacrifice any more of my time on my job. As a teenager all I ever wanted was to quit school and get a high paying job. I finished college anyway because I realized that multinational companies enjoyed the bullshit college graduates offered. Diploma in BS . Makes sense: BullShit in Engineering.

God, was I so wrong?! I wasted a good deal of my life dreaming of the wrong thing.

My last job was the inevitable consequence. The due punishment for being foolishly idealistic. I aged more in the past 3 years working my ass off in this pathetic company than I ever did in all my past 5 years of working. Nevermind the fact that I don't get rewarded for it. Instead of looking young for my age I LOOK LIKE my age and probably more.

I really can't stand to look at myself in the mirror these days. I feel used, ripped off and left to rot.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Understanding Equality and Discrimination in the Workplace

Many a job hunter knows of this all too familiar line at the bottom of the job posting. "We are an equal opportunity company. We do not discriminate against age, race, sex, religion and sexual orientation."

Some job postings already violate this sacred and legal covenant by putting in a line like "Applicant must not be more than XX years old". What's the deal with that? These guys might as well put in the basic pay on the page at least they can still grant respect to the potential applicant.

Evident in some foreign companies that outsource or offshore their operations to some distant God-forsaken but surprisingly more talented place is the corporate firewall hosted in the home country. I've had experiences and even feedbacks from friends from other companies that there are sites that are banned and tagged as inappropriate. Out of curiosity I tried loading a particular out-of-the-ordinary religious site one day. I particularly loaded sites that pertain to Satanism, homosexuality, witchcraft, paganism, paedophelia (all radical paradigms) and even entering invalid domains with a ".ph". Low and behold, the majority of sites were banned. Questionably they were tagged as either "spirituality", "occult", "pornography" and "alternative living". Not so surprisingly, I don't find any Christian sites being banned.

The company can argue that these sites contain "inappropriate content". But what defines "inappropriate"? Religious morals? Sounds more more on the inclination of Christian morals. You don't judge another persons ideals by basing it on the company's majority or the another individual's morals. A majority-Christian company has NO RIGHT to judge a Muslim's or a Satanist's cultural practices and ideals based on its majority. A straight company has NO RIGHT to comment on how disgusting gays' or lesbians' preferences and actions can be based on their single-minded, conservative and straight CHRISTIAN paradigm. To do so would directly violate these individuals' human rights.

Superiors can also argue that I shouldn't be surfing the web but doing my job in the first place. Well, if these morons didn't allow Internet access to everyone then that wouldn't be a problem in the first place! I enjoy looking for flaws in companies just as they relish the idiotic and sociopathic habit of doing the same.

Lastly, what's the deal with banning a .ph site and classifying it as porn?! Listen clearly, you foreign retards! If you don't like the idea of working with us then DON'T COME HERE! Go back to whatever batch of overpaid employees you crawled away from! WE WILL SURVIVE WITHOUT YOUR DROPPING DOLLARS! What the hell, ey? You bitch and whine about ALMOST EVERYTHING! You might as well pay us big for being bitched and moaned by you. Oh, right, you can't afford it! You never could afford it back home anyway.

Equality is yet another myth in these corporations. Politics is the real currency here. Whoever kisses the most assess generally go to the top of the food chain. It's no wonder why products continue to degenerate with time. The retards are running the company and the real talents have left.

Companies claim of equal opportunities and an environment free of discrimination but the subtle indirect signs of their protest is written and enacted in many ways that we even notice to see.

Simply put, these companies claim to be these things but they have absolutely no idea what equality and cultural acceptance really is. Even as an individual I wouldn't dare prejudice someone if I didn't understand how their lives work.

Unless they're planning on running a company full of mindless robots, those two claims they make will and forever hold untrue.

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