Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The BPO bubble

Three years ago I wanted a shot to be some sorry ass international school-graduate answering phone calls to the amusement of some pedophile white boy who didn't have anything better to do so he plans to go to the Philippines and exploit younger kids out of college.

One year later, the sorry ass call center I applied for called me. This time I was worth ten thousand pesos over their allocated budget for hiring someone of the position I was considered.

Three years have passed since I even considered applying for call centers and since then I have known better. However, calls still keep coming for offers to be the West's bitch.

On a personal note, I've come to realize that on a certain level in my pride that I didn't just waste my parents' hard earned money so I can be some first class emotional prostitute for the 1st world countries. On top of that, I have to put my loser self along with the rest of the high school and college dropouts and the premarital sex victims. Hey, don't get me wrong here. It's probably not their fault they're like that. Mommy and Daddy probably played mahjong a little too much or with the "other" family and neglected Jojo and Nene's needs. I also have nothing against premarital sex lest I were not guilty of the same acts of debauchery. Of course, I wasn't stupid enough to get drunk in a room full of men so someone could get lucky with sex roulette. I'm not being judgmental here - I leave that to the divorce court's job or the church. (Note: I hear those things cost around PHP200,000) ;)

As I was saying, why waste my future being paid a ridiculous and indecent salary working late night shifts at the expense of my health and social life helping some mentally retarded 1st world western who doesn't know the difference between his $3,000 computer and a microwave oven, which no doubt he will be using for kiddie porn, so he can live his luxurious life while I rot here in this God-forsaken cubicle wondering what the hell a $3,000 computer or $3,000 for that matter looks like? Why? I wouldn't even be stupid enough to think I have a future doing that job even if I ended up a manager, which, ironically, would be the position I would be looking for if I were to apply in such companies. Like, hell, I'd be working for a drop-out who watches too many cowboy movies in a dead-end job.

Soon there will be more products out there than the people using them. There will be more people out here waiting for yet another filthy rich and witless foreigner who can't read a manual whose fonts are smaller than their brains because it isn't littered with bikini-clad women.

Will this whole trend blow over? As far as past employment economies have dictated, it always will. One way or another what goes up must come down. The only thing that scares me is how big this bubble will be before it blows up because I sure as hell don't want to be around when the mass layoffs start taking place.

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