Thursday, November 01, 2007

Death is for the living

Of course, you'd have to be alive to die. But that's not the pun intended here. This is a more in-your-face-cut-the-crap-i-know-why-you're-here type of shit.

I quoted the above line from some unknown - maybe Pinoy - author highlighting how Hallow's Eve has been somewhat of a national bank account-bragging phenomenon in most parts. As I walk around the crowded cemetery of an upscale cemetery I can see how the death of loved ones often involved extravagant displays of resting places. One grave actually had an air conditioned room and a second story! It makes you wonder, why would the dead need that?! Oh, they don't, it's probably some rich old fart who wants to show friends how much he invested in his dead wife. It kinda makes me wonder if he did it because he's glad she's dead. ;) Oh, let's not forget the hormonally-charged spoiled brats and grandbrats frolicking around and socializing with the next door dead guy's relatives. Probably with the intention of getting getting a date and getting laid on that night.

Also, what's the deal with suicide victims? It makes me wonder: "What do they need a priest for? The person committed suicide! He knows and everyone knows he/she's going to hell!" What a bunch of hypocritical bullcrap our culture tries to instill! Of course, if you get free drinks and snacks and probably a small banquet of food, who's complaining? It should be the freeloaders who rolls over and drop dead!

All Souls and All Saints is just like any regular party where it's just a means of seeing and to be seen. A chance for someone to be someone. This is yet another set of occasions that have lost their meaning.

Do I have a problem with this? Probably not. I'm just saying it as it is just in case it wasn't so clear already. This is me exposing hypocrisy in this country once again.

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