Monday, November 12, 2007

Misappropriation of Intellect and other real crimes against humanity (the real steal)

Seeing how the human race runs itself on stupidity by trial and error it has kept me wondering who is doing the most good and who is doing the most evil.

A few months ago I read about Mr. Estrada's verdict. What made me pity him was not how stupid the government was in supporting him or how ignorant the Filipinos were in electing him or how he himself was dubbed stupid. It was the fact that much smarter people allowed this to happen.

It dawned on me that Estrada isn't as stupid as he looks. I've known a lot of people like him all my life. I can honestly say that I am not as smart as, say, our high school valedictorian or my college cum laude but I have known some of these throw their lives away by being too ambitious. Instead of using their expertise for the good of everyone - the very people who have entrusted their fate in their hands - they use it for their own selfish needs and to even think people like these who are supposedly smarter than the rest of us would have the exceptionally heightened awareness between good and bad. Yet half of them are where they NOT supposed to be - behind bars. It's really disappointing for me to see them there.

We read in the news about government officials "misappropriating funds" or some other more politically dignified term but what I consider the biggest crime in humanity is the misappropriation of intellect - using your smarts other than what it is ethically intended. Instead of building a better economy they build multi-million beach houses or buy a million peso SUV with a V8 engine that costs 4,000 pesos a day to refuel. They didn't bother to notice that the road that they are running on is full of potholes because they are riding on the two million pesos that was supposed to be used to fix that damn road. But then again, if you're on a two million peso SUV with a state-of-the-art suspension system you wouldn't feel the potholes in the first place.

Back to the first thing I said here, who does the most good and the most evil? This is more of an irony thing to me. It appears that the people doing the most good - at least for themselves - are the greedy, self-centered bastards robbing the people on the streets, selling drugs and taking our taxes. Why? They were smart enough to band together, share their wealth and protect each other.

The good people? Since time began, helping others isn't always a good man's notable attributes. Oppression has always been the good people's strongest AND weakest enemy. It is a strong enemy because it only takes one man with a gun to strike down a crowd of many without a single shot being fired. It is weak because one evil is powerless against the many good people it threatens. But most of us do not realize it. We are more concerned with our own individual well being than that of everyone else's and here is this one evil with nothing to lose and only appears unstoppable because we allow it to be. This isn't about human weakness but rather more on human passivity.

If indeed we are really GOOD people of this country and of this earth why let evil run it?

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

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