Saturday, December 08, 2007

The most stupid things I've ever seen

1.) Lowered tuner cars on the streets of Cebu
This goes in effect to #2. You can't blame me for my utter lack of confidence in the quality of public works here in my city. What I find surprising is the delusional thought that it is, in fact, a runway for large commercial aircraft. With this in mind, some people go to great lengths in spending two to three times the cost of their automobiles so that they feel that they can floor it in this imaginary runway where it is, in reality, full of drunk underage bystanders, hapless senile senior citizens, drive-by vigilantes, alligators in blue suits, and the most dangerous of all - potholes.

2.) Stealing money when there's little money left.
If you steal from the city's coffers make sure that the city isn't already broke. We don't mind the USA's politicians stealing money from their country because there more than enough money than they can steal. Back here we attempt to rationalize that we can still get a share out of every centavo that we are supposed to add up for legal reasons.

3.) Believing that actors fall in the same caliber as politicians.
Winning isn't the problem. Doing a job that isn't theirs is what I find disturbing. How small our minds have become.

4.) Not using a condom because you can't "feel it".
Yep, you're feelin' it right now, huh? As her belly gets big and you're flat broke! Let's hope mommy and daddy doesn't find out!

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