Monday, March 10, 2008

Bb. Pilipinas: Beauty = Inferiority?

Ok, another one of my ramblings about the colonial mentality that seems to continue to infest our society. I don't really understand the big deal about the "white boys" considering their economy is failing. It makes sense to think that we are currently richer than they are.

So her blundering English was terrible in spite of the ironic fact that she happens to be a Mass Communications student. I don't know who I should decide to shoot in the head: her, the school or the education system as a whole. I cringe at the shocking finality of the decision that this halfwit will be representing our country in a global beauty pageant. Let's not forget the fact that we are currently stereotyped of sending incompetent medical experts to fucking US of fucking A.
Now, I am a firm believer that beauty is only skin deep. I wouldn't mind banging her for one night and try to forget the next day that the whole thing ever happened. With what happened at the pageant, I'd probably consider electroshock therapy as well.

Putting aside the winning contestant, the whole presentation is already adding injury to insult. I only spent a few minutes watching the introduction number when I had this nagging feeling that I wasn't watching a local beauty pageant. Since when was it a NEED that the women representing our towns have to be a byproduct of some gold digging Filipina screwing the average Joe? Come on! Where is our sense of patriotism here?

Am I being judgemental? How can I not be when a beauty pageant that is meant to project the pride of the Filipina woman is literally lost in our unending demand to see our genes mingled with our delusional understanding of external racial superiority?

It's just plain pathetic, people! I'm very, very disappointed!

The pattern is all too common to go unnoticed:
Filipina finds "rich" white boy. (despite the fact that white boy is living on pension)
Filipina gets pregnant to have child support and "beautiful" child.
Filipina gets divorced.
Child grows up to be very attractive and resembling nothing like a Pinoy.
Faggots in media industry notice talentless child and, after having their fun with them, market them as celebrities.
Child becomes famous because idiotic masses are proud that a Filipino can produce such a beautiful offspring except that the real reason is that the Filipino is a white boy.
Adult celebrity succumbs to scandal, drugs and homosexuality and eventually becomes yesterday's news.

*rolling eyes*


Anonymous said...

I understand the pressure that she was in. People's comments were harsh, rude, and insensitive. However, I still believe she could have come prepared. She hasn't even answered the question thrown to her. Has anyone even coached her? I suggest she watches Pinay Pie and observe Asunta de Rosi's character. She was funny and charming. Most of all, she broke the barrier of language by using the dialect of her native tongue. She answered the question with meaning. Most importantly, she answered it from the heart.


CH4:D said...

It's not really her that gets me. It's the fact that some non-Filipina look is dominating this pageant!

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