Thursday, March 27, 2008

The End of the World - My Prophecy

It has always been prophesized by delusional religious nuts that the end of the world will come at the arrival of some influential individual against the teachings of ignorant people who don't know the difference between a burning bush and, er, a BURNING BUSH!

As much as I really despise the selfish totalitarian nature of religion I agree with its prediction of the end of the world. However, my ending is much more dark and depressing for those who can't stomach it.

It was always believed that our timely demise would be brought on by an onset of a war. In fact, for me it is just the opposite. There will be no wars, there will be no famine or disease to wipe out our race. Our existence is too vast and too far to be killed off.

The end of the world will not come as the death of our planet by artificial or natural means. In fact, it is moot that anyone of us today will ever see it.

The way the end of the world happens has nothing to do with the destruction of physical things. It is not the end of the world but the end of OUR world.

We are systematically destroying ourselves. You think that watching people torn to pieces by suicide bombers is a means for us to feel sorry for the world? No! It is the world's means of numbing society from the atrocities of the grotesque nature of humans. You see people die everyday and eventually we start to think that's how the world goes. Acceptance and passivity is the catalyst of our demise.

The end of the world does not end with the destruction of matter but the destruction of the mind and the soul. Everyday a human being succumbs to HIS own end of the world. Our soul, our conscience and our minds are totally absorbed on what the collective society defines.

It's when we don't care; it's when we stop holding on to values and play God; and, of course, it's when we stop believing in the paranormal and divine bullshit fabricated by our ancestors. Time will come when you will not feel sorry for anything at all. Then again, with or without them these have always been the traits of humans. To put it bluntly, the end of the world as these prophecies have foretold are nothing more than man's dismissal of past beliefs and the birthing of new ones - new ones that will again foretell of the demise of their existence if we don't follow them. It is the loss of our humanity and the acceptance of that loss that we cease to be.

This is how the world ends. Has your world ended yet?

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Amen! We share exactly the same view!


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