Thursday, April 03, 2008


There is no denying the one shining trait of the human race. It's when we have sinister ulterior motives that intends to unfairly reward ourselves.

Why is it when we involve ourselves in violence and end up getting killed the killers hide and enjoy their victory? On the other hand, if we were guilty, some sorry ass old woman would be crying and growning uncontrollably over her loss.

"Her son would never hurt a living thing."
"He was a good husband."
"She was a good person."

Oh, come on! You don't spend every second of the day with your husbands, wives and children. What happens when you are not together? What happens behind closed doors? Spare us your sob story! Your loved one lost the fight. Deal with it!

The reason why I'm bringing this up is because all of these have been inspired by yet another Internet phenomenon that is circulating the blogosphere (damn, I hate that word). The mention of this particular blog, I have to agree, is forbidden. I'd imagine it's probably to protect its propagation on the Internet by misguided, self-proclaimed and deluded patriots.

Scams are, in my basic chain of thought, a fight for who outsmarts who. The one thing I take total amusement in are the vicitims who have been ripped off their hard-earned cash by elements totally unknown and random. Oh, I'll bet they KNEW exactly what was going on! They THOUGHT they were going to get rich or grab some quick cash from the scammer but in the end it was they who were victimized. Let's face it, the victim is EVERY BIT as guilty as the duplicitious bastard who made a run for their money. So don't mourn for the man who was ripped off by their gay lover or the Pinay who woke up in a motel with no cash because her Fil-am date jumped ship. Their motives were as sinister as the one who ran away. They wanted a piece of the cash. They wanted a piece of whatever the scammer had.

Remember this: A criminal is just like everyone else, except he got caught.

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