Saturday, April 26, 2008

Maybe... we don't deserve to be here

Sure, there are sides to both stories. Some refute the other and BOTH have sound and sensible explanations but you have to think about the obvious human impulse: that it's easy to follow and believe the path that is easier and more convenient to follow. Why would we want to listen to stories about how we are destroying the planet?

I won't lie to anyone here. I like fast food. Microwave food is delicious too! I just love to spare myself the hassle of having to wash anything when I can just throw shit away. I love big sports cars. There's nothing like driving a V10 down a well-paved highway.

Well, these days I enjoy cooking my own food. I minimize my electricity consumption. The irony of being being a middle class earner is that you can't afford a V10 sports car. The good thing about this is that I can only dream up an environmentally friendly sports car where the only thing I can hurt are petrol-heads who like to spend daddy's money on souping up a 10-year old Honda Civic.

I look at videos that tackle issues on global warming and I really see a big picture on how we have hurt our world. People are reckless and greedy. They just don't realize that if we pack things up for ourselves how can we enjoy it if the world isn't here? It just doesn't make sense.

When I look at how the human race likes to abuse its existence on his planet I can't help but wonder if we even, by a remote chance, still deserve to be here. The world has a violent means of punishing its tormentors. If we all drown, burn or freeze to death by our own doing I would really say that we deserve it. The world has every right to punish us.

The bad thing about all this is that all the documentaries in the world will never be enough to make it stop. FYIs won't stop people who have the conscious will to look the other way. It has to be proactive. It has to be imposed and instilled in our society and it has to be followed through. But it will probably be a long time to make it all happen. People NEED to be told what to do in order to get something done.

The only way to change is for people to wisen up or I can wait 'til the human race dies off.

Earth is the lunatic asylum of the universe. Everyone is plainly insane!

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