Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Empty for some unknown reason...

My, God! I'm single again! But that last hitch really got me asking about the sincerity of my intentions in a relationship.

Ever since my dull and tasteless life as a teenager I've always imagined myself to be a romantic (N.E.R.D.). The kind where I would get the girl drunk after a candlelit dinner somewhere and molest her in her stupor, you know, that kind of thing. But then again, what girl in her liberated mind says "no" after all the romance has ran up to the peak. :D I shit you not that this can be disappointing on occasion!

I won't lie to you. Every guy just goes through all the trouble to get laid. My problem is I don't where to find that one girl who I wouldn't get tired of boning.

"Show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you a man who's tired of fucking her." - so true.

Seriously, this is one hell of a dilemma I am in. Finding the right girl that I wouldn't grow tired of being with. Someone who'd enjoy being stupid with me. Most especially, someone who I wouldn't mind forgetting to use a condom on because I am afraid that nine months later I would face the reality that I have multiplied and did the most horrendous act of letting a new life see the miserable place that is humanity.

It's very unsettling that I may not settle down. That I am unable to trust anyone with myself or with my feelings because some heartless, pretentious person would put my mind through this emotional torment called "Love" - and marriage (I shudder just thinking about it). Sheesh!

As much as it surprises most people, yeah, it is tiring to go from one relationship to another with no satisfactory end in sight. You get happy, you get frustrated and sometimes you get depressed in all this roller coaster ride called life. But love, very disappointing! You end up wondering what all the fuss was about.

It now feels like becoming a celebrity and realizing that the air on top isn't as sweet as it sounds.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Things I learned about life in Manila

Be armed... with 20s
Taxis usually shortchange. The less money they can rip from you the better. 20 is a good small number. So the most you can lose is 5-10 pesos. 500s or even 100s are dangerous!

Mistakes are costly... minimize them
You take the wrong ride home or to your destination using mass transport and you can end up in a place far from it. Corrective trips cost money and in the likely event you take a taxi instead remember the above topic. Same goes with finding a place to stay. You come in with insufficient info and you may end up spending a little too much for your home.

Sleep on your belly... when going to overnight outings
The place is crawling with fags so who knows one might try to grab you by the balls in your sleep.

Ask for more... starting pay
I.T. is always short on manpower. In the end, it's not about the skills - it's about the need. Supply and demand!

Try not to make a career... out of job hopping.
Every month someone gives you a call offering a 25% increase in your current salary. By the time you land your 3rd job hop you'll probably be earning 3x than before but at the expense of your reliability. This vice can be very obsessive.

Use mass transit... cars are useless here.
I recommend the MRT since there's no traffic and it's faster. Cars don't get you anywhere if you're stuck in traffic two-thirds of the time. Imagine the fuel loss and environmental impact!

No smoking... if possible.
You get your daily dose every day while you commute. :p

Be wary... of scams.
Don't use credit cards in shady business establishments. Unless you're explicitly looking for a cheap bargain item don't buy anything considered "brand new" in unknown stalls. That being said, mainstream stores costs 15%-20% more but you get peace of mind. Decide at your own risk. Be wary of people approaching you about investments or other financial matters. Just say "NO". Never claim to have a credit card when someone asks you.

You get what you pay for... in restaurants
I never grow short of a good meal in good restaurants here. Sometimes I get more than what I pay for. That is, of course, in comparison to my hometown where I barely get a full stomach on a P250 meal. :)

Tagalogs love... their celebrities.
I wouldn't dare mention that I have an utter distaste for their icons whose names and faces are a complete mystery to me.

Tagalogs hate... Arroyo.
Because of the point above, being a Cebuano means I could come under fire as to why we helped her win instead of FPJ. Go figure!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Pioneers - The True Elite of the Nation

I used to remember my parents taking me to social gatherings when I was a child. In these gatherings were the biggest names of Cebu or even the Philippines' history.

Gokongwei, Aboitiz, Gothong, Gotianuy, Sy, OsmeƱa, Aquino, Herrera, King, Kokseng, Gaisano, Garcia, Almendras, Selma, Ayala, Rama and all the other age-old names that we grew to know without a second thought. They are the true elite of this nation.

These are the pioneers of the this nation - the TRUE ELITE. The people with the balls to make a difference in this counry. Literally, they built this country from the ground up. Even as a child I felt the honor of beig with these great people. I wanted to be like them - a thought their little brats probably thought of too. It is only just recently that I realized the true value of their success. It is their humility. While we may regard these people as the cream of the crop they simply do not feel it from where they are. We sometimes envy them for what they are and what they are not but I understand now that at the end of the day they only have themselves and their family.

The definition of the word "elite" may be mucked up in society's norm of someone who shows up in newspapers and tv shows mingling with the rest of the celebrity nobodies that the rest of the literate nation couldn't care less about. Elites do not fall in the same category as socialites - not by a long shot. Society usually sees the elite as the brainless spoiled brats of the pioneers who only bask in the greatness of their parents but actually have no real skill to prove their worth. We may think that traveling to places like Greece, Italy, Palawan or owning a fancy car for drag racing are what constitutes an elite - it doesn't, it never does. The pioneers of this nation didn't get to where they are by sun-bathing in extravagant places like these or whoring their looks for the media to feast upon. They threw in all their time and money in cramped closed rooms running their business with their bare hands if necessary. That's why it won't be so surprising for me to see them ten years older than their supposed age. They got to where they are now because of hardwork and a little bit of resourcefulness. Up to this day I still wonder where or how they found the courage to tread the broken road to nowhere and found something more instead.

Why were my parents invited with them? Well, let's just say these people knew how to thank the people who have helped them in the past - even in such a small way. This was the main attitude that contributed to the success of these people. Why am I not up there with them? It is pobably a curse of my family like the proverbial Moses we always show the promised land but never setting foot on it ourselves.

It is probably best that I am not up there. I learned that every end of the day you are neither rich nor poor. All you have are the people around you who you care about and who care about you. From the eyes of our children we nothing more than people who are supposed to love them.

I salute them all! I only hope that I can contribute to their success one day as my parents did. They got the ball rolling so it is up to use to keep it rolling - faster if necessary.

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