Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Pioneers - The True Elite of the Nation

I used to remember my parents taking me to social gatherings when I was a child. In these gatherings were the biggest names of Cebu or even the Philippines' history.

Gokongwei, Aboitiz, Gothong, Gotianuy, Sy, OsmeƱa, Aquino, Herrera, King, Kokseng, Gaisano, Garcia, Almendras, Selma, Ayala, Rama and all the other age-old names that we grew to know without a second thought. They are the true elite of this nation.

These are the pioneers of the this nation - the TRUE ELITE. The people with the balls to make a difference in this counry. Literally, they built this country from the ground up. Even as a child I felt the honor of beig with these great people. I wanted to be like them - a thought their little brats probably thought of too. It is only just recently that I realized the true value of their success. It is their humility. While we may regard these people as the cream of the crop they simply do not feel it from where they are. We sometimes envy them for what they are and what they are not but I understand now that at the end of the day they only have themselves and their family.

The definition of the word "elite" may be mucked up in society's norm of someone who shows up in newspapers and tv shows mingling with the rest of the celebrity nobodies that the rest of the literate nation couldn't care less about. Elites do not fall in the same category as socialites - not by a long shot. Society usually sees the elite as the brainless spoiled brats of the pioneers who only bask in the greatness of their parents but actually have no real skill to prove their worth. We may think that traveling to places like Greece, Italy, Palawan or owning a fancy car for drag racing are what constitutes an elite - it doesn't, it never does. The pioneers of this nation didn't get to where they are by sun-bathing in extravagant places like these or whoring their looks for the media to feast upon. They threw in all their time and money in cramped closed rooms running their business with their bare hands if necessary. That's why it won't be so surprising for me to see them ten years older than their supposed age. They got to where they are now because of hardwork and a little bit of resourcefulness. Up to this day I still wonder where or how they found the courage to tread the broken road to nowhere and found something more instead.

Why were my parents invited with them? Well, let's just say these people knew how to thank the people who have helped them in the past - even in such a small way. This was the main attitude that contributed to the success of these people. Why am I not up there with them? It is pobably a curse of my family like the proverbial Moses we always show the promised land but never setting foot on it ourselves.

It is probably best that I am not up there. I learned that every end of the day you are neither rich nor poor. All you have are the people around you who you care about and who care about you. From the eyes of our children we nothing more than people who are supposed to love them.

I salute them all! I only hope that I can contribute to their success one day as my parents did. They got the ball rolling so it is up to use to keep it rolling - faster if necessary.

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