Sunday, June 08, 2008

I want a Morena

Ok, here's the dilemma again. People love white chicks. Hell, I love white chicks as much as the next guy. But the thing here is that I don't find them appealing due to their overrated desirability in popular culture. Hell, I swear that being white is probably one of most girls' lifelong goal. Sadly, if they have this perfect golden shade about them it would be like throwing away the one thing that makes them already beautiful.

I don't understand why most of society is disgusted at dark women. It's beautiful! It's like the sun and the sky personally chose these women to evolve into creatures deserving to withstand their godly presence. Like the personal goddesses of the sun they project a radiance that no white skin can ever equal. They have been chosen to shine only when they are needed - in the presence of Ra. This is probably why most people misunderstand their color. They literally see them in a different light - light that doesn't give them justice.

I wonder what it would be like when Ra makes love to them as is the case when they are in his presence. The beauty of their union is evident through the golden glow shining on their skin and in their soul. It's as if their radiance itself is a materialized sexual peak.

To adore, worship and be embraced by their heavenly glow would bless me so much with their love that all the world can disappear around me and I would be in her world and her world alone.

I imagine myself slow dancing with her with this song in my head:

"She Goes All The Way"
Rascal Flatts (feat. Jamie Foxx)

No limits, no lines are drawn
The whole world disappears when
We're alone
That thin white cotton dress is
Blowin' in the wind
She takes my hand and the dance begins

With every move she makes
I'm deeper than I've been
Holding on and letting go
She just keeps givin' in
Takin' me higher and further
There she goes again givin' more than
She takes
'Cause it's more than love she makes
She goes all the way

No questions, no talking at all
Only the sound of our hearts as they fall
No matter what I need, her answer's
Always yes
I only have to dream and she does the

Ooo, ooo, ooo
My baby goes all the way, the way
She goes all the way
My baby goes all the way
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah

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