Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Women Love Carrie Bradshaw

Well, for starters, she is someone most women can never be. An illusionary icon of female strength and independence. A woman with the proverbial "balls" to stay independent until well into her 30s with only a trivial fear of it. Yes, sir, she is one of the guys. ;) She also has a cool gang. Ah, and her signature clothes aren't so bad either. Fashionistas are always a turn on.

The sad reality here is that most women can't stand being single. (Ladies, before you let your impulse kick in, I would like to reiterate that I only said "MOST" and not "ALL".) Somehow they prefer to be married in their twenties because they fear that they will be undesirable in their thirties. They want to be "hooked" or "hitched" before all the men on this planet evaporate into thin air. I can't blame them. The men to women ratio these days is 1:(god knows how many). I don't even know where to put the third sex because they technically cannot reproduce!

What is it so imperative about being in a relationship anyway? I wondered that if they idolized such a woman why can't they live her life? It's like she's the Most Eligible Bachelorette of New York! Is it just talking the talk?

These days we tend to rush things but the world isn't as it was before where life and relationships were simpler. The only thing that needs rushing are your job deadlines. Sadly, everything else needs to wait. True, Carrie is, on occasion, desperate and frustrated but she moves on and the search for Mr. Right continues. In her world, she cannot afford mistakes. Her reality mirrors our own. I really love her character.

For Carrie, I'm pretty sure she will have no regrets in her waiting-dating game. It's frustrating but in the end it's rewarding. For the rest of the women out there, I would like you to wait, not for Mr. Right to come along but for you to reach that stage where you can think clearly with your soon mature mind. Only then can you decide if the man you are seeing is Mr. Right because where it stands in your early twenties EVERYONE is Mr. Right.

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