Thursday, July 24, 2008

Office Bully

Maybe I'm just being paranoid or it's that inherited attitude of mine that no one is trustworthy around me but it appears there always one unpleasant person in the office that seems to get on your nerves. The office bully.

Why is it every time I visit the whole experience always fit within the profile they have defined? Again, this also leads me to believe that the site may be full of shit and that it is there to draw people and agree to vague points that they can relate to. Hell, any person could probably read that site and say with unflinching confidence that I fit the profile. Then again where I end up working isn't always MY COMPANY to begin with so I could conclude that I do not fit the profile on grounds that I don't belong there. A general rule is that if you have no plans on sticking around you can just bend over and take it up the ass. Period.

There have been some incidents that have happened on more than one occasion that it would be too conspicuous to ignore. On more than one occasion some external factor has caused a screw up on some aspect of their office politics that I am, by some twisted logic, at the receiving end of the screw up. Let me put it in a statement that I can connect but never understand. If a plane crashed through your floor, it would still be your fault that your job was not done on time. These people like to project an image that their clients aren't human beings, which is ironic since they apparently end up projecting that image on themselves. Most of all, I don't even care if the client is pissed or dissatisfied! Oh, the corporate life. (rolling eyes) I don't deal with unreasonable people. What was even more pathetic was that these clients find them pathetic too! There are more important things in my life than worrying about what the other guy thinks.

I really don't mind taking the heat since I have been paid a generous sum by the agency to act like a blithering idiot for their clients but what I can't stand is the fear-mongering these retards try to instill that is akin to a teacher scaring the bejeezuz out of little children. Now, if for some reason, these oblivious ignoramuses lock me in a room with no light, no windows and no access to porn I would have at least a pinch of fear. But to use old people from some god-knows-where-country to intimidate me is just plain CHILDISH. I'm not exactly sure if that tactic actually works because I never heard the end of it. Then there's also this "escalate" word that I hear quite often. Do they find the building elevators inconvenient? I am technically not part of their company. They know it and I know it. So what's with the fear-mongering? Perhaps they're used to getting their way through this method? Perhaps I am not "one of them" that's why they think they can manipulate me. Perhaps it's because when I screw up the entire company can blame it on my agency? Good thing I'm not part of a assassin agency or the building would be gone before lunch break. ;)

Before we continue I'd like everyone to understand that there's nothing to fear but the fear-mongers themselves. For all aspiring professionals wanting to come here, I would like you all to know that big name companies here are not exactly "big" names here because right next door is the competitor and the competitor of that competitor. In short, these people are a dime a dozen. Hell, you can literally make a career out of skipping jobs! So don't be afraid. Take the leap of faith.

Okay, back on topic. Is it because I am Bisaya? Perhaps these people forget that they are the minority in this country. Other people built this city for them. Hell, I don't even bother to refine my knowledge in speaking their dialect because it is completely useless. What for, when two-thirds of the time I meet someone on the street who speaks my native tongue!

God, I really hope the rest of the investors move to my city - or any southern province for that matter - so we can really see how big the shit will be when it hits the fan.

I came to this city with no expectations and with the sole purpose to accumulate some experience in my profession. I have kept a low profile and never even bothered to keep close personal ties with people I have met here. Yet some ass-kissing workaholic with no social, love or sex life bothers to take out their frustration on me by weeding me out trying to cause trouble.

I came here with no expectations and by myself but I never said I am alone. If they want trouble from me they will find more than they can handle.

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