Monday, August 25, 2008

Choice, an illusion?

Ok, maybe I watch too many movies or I am probably the common uto-uto of society. Oh, well, there probably came a time in Einstein's life where he was probably considered an idiot.

I have posted a long time ago about a dream I had about having six choices and more recently the myth of monogamy. After watching the Matrix Reloaded again I cannot help noticing the dialogue of the Merovingian and the Architect.

"Choice is an illusion, created between those with power and those without." - Merovingian

"As you adequately put, the problem is choice. But we already know we you are going to do, don't we?" - The Architect

Whoever wrote the script must've been a genius because there has been a lot of relations to the Matrix and standard human beliefs, namely, gnostics. This lead me to revisit a thought I had once concocted in my past. People just want a choice. While some choices have an obvious and predictable option only a minority choose otherwise - you know, like cellphone brands. The market leader today is Nokia but imagine how people would react if Nokia were the ONLY cellphone brand. Every social whore would be bitching that they don't have a choice but if you introduce multiple brands, it would put them at ease. What justifies the concept of predictable thought is that most users choose Nokia as the best brand anyway. This couldn't be more similar to every choice we have in this world. If we were to choose between good or bad (get laid and be happy or shun her and be called a fag) wouldn't our choice be unanimously good? Even if a minority chose the latter, statistically speaking, the majority would still make the choice predictable. After all, that's usually how an entire nation's personality is defined - by a majority of the people's ideals. The absence of a choice (good and evil), as also revealed by The Architect, lead to the loss of millions of people (crops). And I agree, people seem to accept a world riddled with misery instead of a utopia of peace and perfection.

In my monogamy myth blog people did react negatively towards it. People WANT to be monogamous because the opposite choice projects another image. I do not see this as choice. It is the pains and pressures of a collective society that defines polygamy as taboo that really prevents people from making a fair choice. To most, they choose monogamy because it is defined by the norm of society. To some, it just the "right thing". If a choice is forced upon you with a predetermined option, it's not choice. C'mon, I'd be lying if I didn't want to bang a lot of women! If given a choice, wouldn't women like to ride every man to her heart's desire? No, it is not disgusting! Man's God made it disgusting.

About my dream about the six choices: Those who know me well would unsurprisingly know that my choice would be the third one. Why? Because they all know how ridiculously gaga I was over her (like some high school bitch ridiculously smiling over just the thought). Would I have picked any other choice? Very unlikely! Why would I choose someone less perfect than that which I have defined as perfect for me? Yes, she was also good in bed, pervert! But I guarantee you, if she were the only woman in the world, I would be in despair.

Remember the Joker in The Dark Knight? The way he messes with people's heads really shows what the human race really is. I do not find him the least bit insane because any person who knows how to exploit the human mind is nothing less of brilliant (like politicians and marketing people). This guy could be nothing short of a god (oh, blasphemy unto me). He couldn't be more right. People "pretend" to be decent creatures on this planet but deep down inside, we're all just animals wanting to claw, maim and mutilate each other to extinction. If you tell a group of people that their survival depends on the death of the others, what happens? "Introduce a little despair and chaos here and there and the whole world goes to hell". The human race subconsciously needs to be told what to do - and that's a controversial quote that Schwarzenegger said.

Sigh, the human mind. So complicated yet so predictably unpredictable.

You might be wondering what makes me different to post such a blog. Am I trying to imply that I am perfect? Fact is, I'm not. This is about me accepting my humanity and not denying it (again, another predictable human response) or try to quantify all these acts as a sign of superiority... or inferiority.

Humans choose only one thing and one thing only but they also don't like the idea that they don't have a choice regardless if the choice is inevitable. We are not in control and we must let go of this delusion of this thing we call "control".


Rose said...

I'm only 15 so maybe I'm considred one who doesnt know much by many. But I must say I really enjoyed reading your blog. Im a very big matrix fanatic and I finally found something I agree with!

Sir said...

This is madness yet it rings of truth, perhaps it goes event deeper to we don't have choice there are simply other options because there are other people to choose them. I like the Nokia example primarily because I would personally not choose Nokia... Why not? could say I don't like them, the style the name the fact that they are so popular perhaps, but those are surface answers that will never stand up to deep investigation... the asking of questions Like what is it about Nokia styling I don't like over Sony Erickson I do... what makes me more attracted to the one over the other for it is the level of personal attraction to something that makes us choose it in the first place... but then where did that level of attraction come from? I don't think there is choice because we are predisposed to "choosing" one thing over another thing and we generally don't have a reason why...

Another part from your "Frenchman" "you come here without a Why without power" Indeed all in all I agree with you

CH4:D said...

Yep, I really love the philosophies of the Matrix.

What others are yacking...