Friday, August 08, 2008

The Hitman's Choice

Inspired by future events (an unfinished story)

It was just a few moments ago they were running for their lives from people wanting to kill her employer.

There he was mindless wandering his gaze at her. She was still as elegant as the day he met her many years ago. Her long, permed black hair and brown eyes only served as a charming torment to him. What he wouldn't give to have her again; to feel her close to him once again was a fantasy he would so willingly welcome. But that was him then in another life where the life of one mattered. This life, sadly, no longer required pity - or love.

The job must come first. It must, because he knows she wouldn't hesitate to put him in second place and this was the real reason she left him a long time ago. A woman wouldn't hesitate to leave a man behind for other things while it is the man who only pretends to have the guts to leave. His life depended on her death.

“Why did I ever let you go?” She spoke in the midst of his thoughts.

He didn't know what to say except to tell her the truth. He knew all too well why she left him but he didn't want her to remember. It would just be a game they'd be playing all over again.

"You know I've always prayed for the day that one day we'd get back together." He answered. "I never found anyone else after you."

In truth, he chose the life he has now shortly after he lost her. It was a life that didn't require emotions. It helped drown all the sorrows; the bitterness; and, the desperation.

"But that just isn't me anymore."

Although puzzled by his response she held him close and kissed him deeply. This was the kiss he knew all too well but the feeling was long forgotten. Even though a hint of emotion came, the job must be done like it always did.

She didn't notice his suppressed 9mm Beretta slowly creeping up her chest. It made a weak puff as the hammer made the only audible sound in the large hall of her home.

She gasped in shock as the bullet lodged in her heart. She could now feel every flow of her blood coming out of her for every beat she knew her life was one drop closer to the end. Death's arms was always open to everyone. He didn't judge the sinner or the saint.

"Why?" was the only expression her face can muster but his face showed no emotion as she falls to her knees and her body falls limp on its right side to the cold marble floor - her hands still desperately grabbing on to him. She was still alive but barely.

With her dying breath she stared up at him - a single tear begins to shine from her right eye. "I just want you to know that I always loved you. I never stopped loving you. Please forgive me." But he didn't care. He wouldn't believe her anyway. All that love-turned-hatred clouded all sympathy he had for everything. To him the world was a bitter place where people deserved to die on the other end of his barrel. There IS a price for human life.


He casually walked to his waiting Audi A4. The matte black finish prevented any glimmer or glare from the full moon and passing traffic. He gave the area one quick scan to see if nobody was looking and drove off into the darkness - the neighborhood oblivious of the incident - not even a dog can be heard barking. As usual, he was as smooth in his task as before.

The rain started drizzling on his ride back to the city. She had chosen a beautiful spot in the mountains for her home and a very convenient location for him to carry out death's deed. Was he death himself? He wasn't religious enough to make the connection.

As the lights of the city slowly became visible his thoughts again drifted to her, something he never does to the souls he sent elsewhere, he reminded himself he had long forgotten her. Yes, it was a long time, wasn't it? So many faceless victims, nameless casualties and so many unjudged lives but the thoughts of her still linger in him througout his trip.

He was tired and surprisingly despondent. He felt something warm trickle down his cheek and it began to immediately feel cold as the cold air within. For the first time in a long time he wept for his fallen victim.

"I love you too. Forgive me." He whispered. No one could hear him now.

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