Friday, August 22, 2008

My basic rule in money lending

I really don't care if your relative rolls over and drops dead. As a rule, I do not lend money for relatives of friends!

I don't mean to sound heartless but I know when to draw the line about certain things and this is one of them.

It always works like this:
1) Relative asks you to find money to borrow - probably by feigning illness.
2) You borrow money from me.
3) I give you money.
4) Relative forgets to pay you back
5) You can't pay me back or you end up paying on his behalf.
6) You or I end up being broke.
7) Relative completely forgets about debt.
8) I will end up sending people to kill him and his family, which consequently leaves me more broke but satisfied. This is also presuming if someone else hasn't killed him first. :-/

It would have been safer if you asked for a donation. At least I wouldn't be too frustrated about expecting something back. That's the reason why they borrow money in the first place - because they can't pay something and obviously they can't pay you back! The circle of debt continues. If you don't believe me try feigning your own illness, I'll bet you they won't bend to one side in monetary department except some words like "our prayers are with you". Prayers don't pay bills so don't give me any of that religious bullshit!

If people get hurt so can you. So if you decide to give financial support to a relative, simbako tomorrow you could be in an accident. Where will your money be by then? With someone else and you're going to die because you have no money to pay the hospital.

It's a messy cycle, believe me.


jash_ville said...

Hey! I'm putting up a charity. Wanna donate? :)

CH4:D said...

Sure! How many Yen do you need? Maximum of 1000 Yen. XD

Miss Jas said...

sure, why not? as long as you do it daily man kaha...


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