Monday, August 25, 2008

What goes in and out of my mind

Some people's brains are wired specifically to comprehend certain things: like the ability to understand integral calculus while another can comprehend biology.

Here's a simple list of what my mind can and cannot do:
1) I can remember most quotes and who said it - presuming if I knew the author. So I do my best to know who they are.
2) I can remember most experiences with most of my friends. Mostly, I remember them because they are experiences with hot chicks or they are awkwardly and humiliatingly amusing. ;) However, I can go as detailed as remembering what we said in our conversation.
3) I can't remember people's names for longer than 5 minutes. I have the worst case of short-term memory loss when it comes to names. This becomes a problem when I read novels. This can be very helpful when someone wants me to forget something.
4) I do, however, remember sequences of numbers (like phone numbers and numeric patterns) but I also suffer from the obsessive compulsive urge to verify three times if it's correct anyway.
5) I cannot understand Tagalog grammar despite the fact that I'd probably have better luck understanding Japanese or French or some native Filipino dialect.
6) I can remember places, locations, directions but like hell I can't remember street names.
7) I can understand complicated plots in movies even if I can barely remember the character's names.
8) I can recognize western actors but I can't remember any local actors.
9) Professionally, I can understand PHP or C and all programming concepts but for the life of me Java is like a nightmare to understand despite the fact that all three are virtually syntactically similar. It took me years to understand Java BASIC programming. How pathetic can a programmer get?
10) I cannot comprehend abstract ideas unless it is described to me in an illustrative manner. If I cannot visualize an idea I cannot understand it. i.e. Idea A is this and that but not this. Therefore, this is true if and only if situation A contradicts situation B. (would not be comprehensible to me) But if you continue your idea with an example like "For example, Idea A would be a rock on a hillside and pushing it at Y fps could accelerate it to X because of its mass (M) would be pulled by gravity by a factor of 9.8m/s. bla bla bla". Suffice it to say some lessons have to be lived to be understood.
11) My mind is also wired in a way where I have common ideas but for some reason I cannot name them (perhaps because I can't remember names). This gives me great frustration in delivering my ideas to people who may already or should have understood what I'm talking about but due to my limited ability to simplify it, I cannot make them understand. Case in point: Organizing data in a database so no info gets repeated or is repeated to a minimal level is called NORMALIZATION or when two terms contradict each other is called an OXYMORON. However, I cannot remember the term normalization or oxymoron although I know what they are.
12) Being left-handed, it takes a moment for me to digest when someone tells me to make a right turn because I'm always thinking left.
13) I am completely capable of blanking out my emotions on a dime. I don't freak out easily at the sight of violence, gore and mass panic. So while the whole world is going to chaos I figure out first what the fuss is all about before deciding act like a fool. I have been exposed by too many stupid things that humans are capable of doing that virtually nothing seems to surprise me anymore.
14) I'm a hopeless romantic. Don't ask.
15) Lastly, I am good at starting over with everything I have lost in the past.

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