Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Why I blog

Maybe I'm just rolling with the fad or maybe I am subconsciously begging for attention but some readers have commented that for some reason I am a "good" writer. *cough* *cough* A little padding for my ego there. *cough*

However, considering that I rarely have visitors in my blog this gives me borderline freedom to say anything about anything and anyone so don't blame me for calling your mom a dirty little slut and your religious prophet a bloomin' fag who sodomizes children because you weren't here to read about it. I just simply love to exploit the irony of sharing free information while at the same time be amused at the ignorance caused by human pride. :p


Perhaps I am here now because I like to talk about the things I WANT instead of some underpaid school teacher asking and grading me for my opinion about something that I don't give a jackshit.

Looking back, I can still remember my elementary principal nagging about my lack of words about an essay our grade six teacher asked us to make.

"Your grandfather was a great writer so don't disappoint me. I expect more from you." Sheesh! Like I would be interested in writing about my thoughts on fairy tales (like why Snow White has fetishes for orgies with dwarves) when at that time I was already reading about the theories behind the Egyptian pyramids! (that and alongside my recent discovery of a book in our library about fucking - sexual intercourse for the literate)

Finally and for the record, I mostly blog about love or work because the rest of the overgrown crap that's out there is something that doesn't concern most of us. I'm filling in the niche here that nobody wants.

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