Friday, October 17, 2008

I'm quitting IT

After nearly 15 years of working on computers I have come to realize that this may not be the type of thing I can see myself doing for the next 20years. My, God, to even think that I can become sterile staring at a monitor for hours. The fact that I can literally go bald solving problems of some asshole white boy who earns 10x my salary and I get jack shit for it!

I'm just simply sick and tired of the corporate life. The cutthroat paradigm of eat or be eaten. It is not in my nature to put people down and advance my career at their expense. No, sir. I maybe be anti-social but I don't harm any human being for that matter. Perhaps this was the reason why I was singled out in my previous job. So therefore I'm no longer stooping to this unethical, ass-kissing and toxic environment.

So as I have been paid a ridiculous sum of money for doing nothing I have taken that idle time to rethink my ridiculous life as well. These are the alternatives I have thought of so far:

Culinary Arts
Remy was a rat and so am I but I have always wanted to do all those neat food tossing tricks in the kitchen. Nothing beats the skill of feeding people and showing off your skill in taste. Of course, that's if I am gifted with the sense of taste for fine dining. Drawback? The courses to take for this dream costs anywhere from 50,000-200,000 pesos - and that's just the introductory course. I shudder to think of the advanced courses!

Flight School
Suffice it to say I have always wanted to be a pilot. My first dream job was to reach the skies. Freedom. My parents couldn't afford flight school so the inevitable outcome of this dream was to crash and burn. However, there is still a glimmer of hope here. I now can afford this class by my own means. The question is having the time to do it. What I wouldn't give to be anywhere in this world anytime I want to. I won't lie to you - I hate to travel but until they invent a way to teleport people this is my only recourse.

There's still a lot to do in this fragile life we have. I need to see a lot of this world before I move on to the next. I have wasted my past playing safe, regretting the things that never was and wishing for something more. I guess the time has to do something about it.

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Anonymous said...

haha! there you go!

I'd take IT as a hobby.
But didn't you know that I always wanted to become a secretary?

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