Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I'm such a pervert

While the song sings "Maginoo pero medyo bastos" someone called me "Maginoo pero SOBRANG bastos!".

But still that hasn't stopped me from being appreciated by a good number of women. After all, who wants a boring goody two shoes guy anyway?

This event happened a long time ago but it is only now, just like everything else that gets through my dense skull, that I realized the amusing fact about me. I'm a pervert!

Forget the fact that I can be such a naughty flirt that I am unconsciously seducing every girl I get a chance to talk to.

I was dating someone that time and we hung out at the local mountain resort for some booze, music and talks.

"Gurl, how long have you been with your boyfriend?" one of my girl friends asked out loud.

"4 years."

"And you're still a virgin?" She continued and my other friend nodded.

"And you, Chad, how many of your exes are still virgins after you broke up?" she bluntly asked.

I could only manage a blank stare then a naughty smile. The polite thing I could have done was lie about it but my overly candid look and my impulse to be honest about anything relating to the jiggy was overwhelming. Mind you I was no kiss and tell but it was pointless since they can read it through me.

My date only stared with a cynical smile of and a certain glint in her eye that I can only presume to be a hint of disgust.

Let's just say there wasn't gonna be any nookie that night (depending on how she sees it).

Daym. Damn, girlfriends!

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