Saturday, October 18, 2008

To fall in love with Cebu

What would it take to fall in love? A gentle hold of the hand here. A kiss there. It all starts with some extra-ordinary chemistry between two people.

What is there in a second? A single heartbeat happens in a second. An eternity? It does take that long to make up your mind but it feels longer than that, does it?

After all this time I have come to realize that my heart only belongs to one place. The place of my birth. The home of the most amusing sets of people in this country. It's where I get my occasional bouts of humor from. The place where such humor is simply just tongue-in-cheek.

So from now on when people ask f me if I'm in love, I will always be.... to the place where I was born. The place where it's nothing like the place I am now. There are places to have a good time but it is nothing like home. It's simple but I enjoy myself. Beer and food is cheaper. Fine dining is ridiculously expensive and the servings are unfair. I admit that my new home has grown on me but nothing beats my life here. I have to accept the assholes (including myself) crawling in this city but it is and will always be my home.

I have been to SOME places in this world but my mind only paints one picture in my life.

In my heart... there is no better room for this:

Beautiful, breathtaking, unforgettable. I will always be in love with this.

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