Friday, January 09, 2009

The pitfalls of forbidden love

The obvious thing is that money laundering is a crime. There's this thing these high profile mob bosses do with their money where they deposit it in some sort of "trust" fund and leave their hard earned (or ripped off) cash to someone else. Pardon me if I'm not making any sense, I was always slow when it comes to accounting terms.

This concept is fine and dandy when you're trying to hide more money than you're capable of declaring to have, however, if the, proxy decides to make a run for it who are they gonna tell? They can't tell the cops because the money isn't SUPPOSED to exist! Those are the risks of hiding laundered money. If you succeed, it can be rewarding. If not, you get screwed big time.

Every once in a while, you might find yourself stuck in a predicament where your affections cannot be outwardly known for reasons you are either ashamed or afraid to disclose. This is totally understandable and complicated but whatever your reasons are, I assure you, you might as well be laundering money. At least there is a 50/50 guarantee of a reward.

In a forbidden love you don't deal with currency. You deal with emotions and you gamble with it too! More often than not, intellectual analysis is never part of the decision process but then again since when has love ever required a large amount of brain activity? (I know I don't) There are no banks here. The trustees (wow, I used a banking term!) are just the two of you and, depending on your abilities to keep secrets, a select few.

On both counts I have mentioned, it's risky business. You can't tell anyone, right? In the LIKELY event that something DOES go awry you're stuck there hopelessly in love and lost in your thoughts. You're angry with them for some reason, you don't know what to do and you don't want to let go.

God knows what the other side is doing. Are you being played? Well, you can't really say because you're too fucking stoned in love to think logically. Damn cupids!

Now here's the bottom line: One of you is obviously the quitter (none of you is equally stronger like the other - deal with it). Please, don't bullshit me with your denials. When you come back and read this one day you'll thank me. Just because you're keeping it under wraps doesn't mean it is exempted by the harsh realities a REAL relationship entails. On top of those problems you also have to deal with the other problems exclusive to the situation.

Now here's the totally idiotic part: You're gonna be depressed, distant and have the craving impulse to drink yourself stupid - and stuttering on about a "someone" that no one has ever heard of - except that nobody knows how or why you're acting that way. After all, no one's supposed to know.

Now I'm sure you guys are probably expecting some meaningful advice that I know you won't listen to until long after you've been disillusioned (i.e. you were played) from your dreamy stupidity that the other party has exploited without remorse then I'm really sorry. This post isn't about handing out advice at the moment. This is about reality. You've been warned.


fin_eva said...

The other person might not want what she did, but it could be her way of telling you- "i'm falling out of love, what can i do?". To toy a person's feelings can never be understood, but these are the ways of the cowards.
Be assured though, that you are not the only victim- even the rich and famous are not estranged to this feelings. It might not be a very pleasing experience, but just always look at the brighter side and manage to turn every adversities to opportunities.

CH4:D said...

Yes, sadly, we are all just victims of vengeful hearts.

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