Monday, February 09, 2009

World, I apologize!

I noticed quite recently that a lot of my frustrations have been very rampant. So rampant that I have taken heed to some readers that it IS disturbing.

As for the rest, I'm guessing most of you guys are wondering if I must be a really bad person to share all of these dark and depressing entries but, fact of the matter is this, I'm a guy. Another fact is this: My world expects me to be strong and perfect. Yet another fact: I'm NOT perfect.

As I look at everything I have posted so far I've come to realize that my life is far from pleasant - distant from being perfect but less than ordinary. If my assumptions are correct I know most of you guys are probably sick and tired of listening to my sourgraping. It's pathetic, I know! You don't have to make that clear. My, God, I'm starting to sound like those whining white boys that I despise so much!

Quite frankly, I'm also sick and tired of writing about all the things that's gone wrong with my life but, then again, this was the original intention of this blog. I'm sick and tired of sharing all this misery and imposing it on you my "imaginary" readers! ;) God, I can't even remember the last time I shared something or anything remotely resembling a hint of cheer. There's just the usual bouts of humor I find in every pitfall. Hey, I always said that someday I will look back on this and laugh! It doesn't seem like I'm currently laughing though. :-/

Love, it's always about love, is it? Or about work! Same old. Same old. Oh, by the way, if you're expecting in this post an apology for my politically incorrect reference to certain individuals then you're not getting it here. Just like everyone else, I exhibit some degree of distaste for certain strains of individuals from males, females or the third sex.

I try to remind myself that it always gets worse before it gets better. I still wonder if I would live to see the day where I can say a little something happy for a change. (Geez, I even had a hard time spelling "happy"! Here's another secret: I also stutter in typing "love" too.)

For once I would like to write a little something different. Just once I would like to start out with: "I met her by the porch. It was just a chance meeting because I needed some air away from the crowd..." and then it would end with "we still fight on a regular basis but at the end I still love her more... I bought her roses the other day...". Of course, we all know that anything close to resembling the last part is probably a myth. Usually we end up saying "I hope he/she gets run over with every tire on a 16-wheeler!". It's so tiring hearing that shit over and over again. :(

Who knows, right? A few of us had a happy ending maybe the rest of us will get ours.

"Only God makes happy endings. If it's not happy then it's not the end."

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