Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Most hurtful things a girl ever said to me

Arranged from less hurtful to downright heartless.

3) I love you. 
The woman who told me this wasn't exactly my girlfriend but when she told me this she also says she treats a boyfriend differently. She goes on to say she is different in loving her boyfriends. Ok, so the logic here is simple: If you treat your REAL boyfriends differently than me then you REALLY don't love me because the people you loved are treated differently than me, right? This is similar to speaking softly but carrying a big stick or building a house but prioritizing the back door so you can get out quick (Yes, I know that sentence sounds stupid! Go figure!). A professed love spoken in insincerity can be very hurtful.So goes the saying: "If you believed in his/her 'I love you', why are you still single?'"

2.) "I'm sorry, Chad. I have analyzed my situation a hundred times over but I just don't have room in it for you."
I can't blame her. I admit I also felt this way in the past. Relationships eventually become dead weight. It hurts but I understood the practicality of her decision. It just wasn't our time anymore. From what little I know about women they usually have this "self-inflicted psychological trauma" that they have to go through from time to time.

1.) "If you love me you wouldn't let me ride a jeep. We should always take a taxi."
Now I know this sounds harmless or weird to most of you but this was one line that really slapped me back to the reality on the superficiality of my girlfriend. To someone like me who was dating on a budget it was a huge blow. I was a college student with a pitiful allowance. Do the math. By the time we'd be watching a movie half of my allowance would be lost on transportation. It was simple when it all started. Suddenly she wouldn't go out with me if I didn't bring a car along or let her ride some form of public transportation unless there was only 3 of us in it (driver included). Now we know how to take a hint, right? She didn't like me and was simply using me for her convenience.

Note: In no way am I pertaining to just one relationship here. I can't be that unlucky to be stuck with some gold digging, sadistic and heartless bitch! 

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